KlimaDAO x Sushi Swap Carbon Offset Integration

No funding requested at all, just looking to work together on this and share resources. Though our entire product suite is built and live today. It would be a matter of simply integrating it with Sushi.


Nice and this will be very lucrative for sushiswap too.


Maybe its a small percentage added on top of the sushiswap fees that is enabled by default, but you can disable it if you want (in advanced settings?). That way if people are annoyed they can turn it off, but if they don’t care they will just offset?

Having this proposal passed would position Sushiswap to be the leading AMM that makes real-world impact, furthering the Web 3.0 movement! Definitely a historical moment for the world to see, LFG


Blockchain has a reputation of using a ton of electricity and beeing wasteful and not friendly to environment. We need to change that narrative. Ethereum merge and Polygon offsetting their emissions via KlimaDAO take us a great step forward. Now Sushi has opportunity to make history as the first ever DEX to become climate positive. I’m in favor of this proposal. Let’s go Sushi community!


great win-win setup absolutely in favor of this proposal


:+1: No brainer :raised_hand:. I support this proposal 100%. With this, we accelerate the help to our climate by a lot. The Climate crisis is real, and we must help as much as we can as humans to fight the climate emergency. I’m glad that KlimaDAO provides the necessary tools to make this possible. I’m so happy that a bunch of Klima partners like Polygon and others are doing their part as well :blush:, and now Sushi can join the family :pray: to make the world a better place to live :deciduous_tree:


A financial system in which the real cost of carbon emissions to the planet’s health is accounted for at the base level is the dream. This kind of innovative thinking is a step forward in making it a reality. Will be amazing to see this come off - it’s basically what web3 is all about! 100% support


This would be a really meaningful partnership. Support this 100%.


Full support and a necessity, this will act as template for other projects …


fully support this initiative - will make SushiSwap a leader in the space


Great idea! Hope this happens.


Support this proposal! A no-brainer, should’ve be done sooner! Like others mentioned, will make Sushi appear as a leader in the space.


Ethereum merge soon, transition to PoS.

Polygon uses PoS validators to begin with.

Offsets are controversial, I personally do not like them :woman_shrugging:

My opinion regarding proof-of-work and energy use: link to Notion (I update it often, whenever I find new examples)

But I also accept the fact that I could be wrong, happy to be convinced why offsets are good.


I am logged in to Toucan discord, someone shared this article: Cop26: Carbon offsetting ‘a new form of colonialism,’ says Indigenous leader | The Independent

“We need real reduction, and to keep fossil fuels in the ground,” Mr Goldtooth said. “Carbon offsetting perpetuates the theft of Indigenous people’s land and our territories. Our brothers and sisters have been protecting their lands and forests for thousands of years. Carbon offsets are a new form of colonialism.”

Indigenous groups are not alone in these concerns. On Wednesday, activist Greta Thunberg and members of Greenpeace interrupted a finance panel on carbon offsets at Cop26, calling it “greenwashing”.

Jennifer Morgan, executive director of Greenpeace International, also wrote in theThe Guardianthat “Cop26’s worst outcome would be giving the green light to carbon offsetting” adding that it would “blow a huge hole in the Paris agreement”.

From my perspective, based on information available to me, offsetting is PLAIN WRONG:

  • wrong incentives
  • wrong market signals
  • wrong “feel good” emotions in those who would be otherwise to do something for the climate

It’s one of these fads:



It’s nice to see so many new Sushi forum users who are all interested in protecting the environment…


Let’s get this going!!! This would a positive change moving forward.


Great idea, interesting to see what the Sushi community has to say about this… LFG


There is enough $s flying around in crypto that I think we can all agree diverting a small portion towards driving demand for carbon credits seems like a no brainer. This is an opportunity for Sushi to get ahead of competitors and start offsetting historic/future emissions. Regulators coming for POW, green narrative has potential to be incredibly strong during the bear market.


I was actually thinking about the same…

More demand for offsets, which means more supply should be created, which should be good?
It should not be the end-user sending market signals for new offsets capacity to be created.

Source: Statement on carbon offsetting

I see the same playbook here.

Let the regular people worry about their offsets and carbon footprint while fossil fuel industries continue to greenwash and do business as usual :woman_shrugging:

Seems like I’m in the overwhelming minority but it’s OK, I still believe my arguments remain valid.