Kyo Proposal - Introducing new users to DeFi

Kyo Proposal

On boarding new users is difficult and if sushi is the first point of contact for a DeFi users they are more likely to build brand loyalty to Sushi. In order to achieve this, I have drafted a proposal below to increase new DeFi users being onboarded by SushiSwap.

This will work by encouraging current members to invite their friends to try out DeFi through interactive teams/discord lessons. There will be weekly (depending on demand) calls set up with a maximum number of entrants (20-30), roughly lasting 1hr. In these calls the following will be discussed:

  • Setting up metamask
  • Sending ETH
  • Using Sushi Exchange
  • Using the upcoming NFT platform
  • Using Kashi
  • Discussion of how Sushi and DeFi fit into the future

This will let newbies learn more about DeFi and give them a point of contract in the future if they need help. To encourage the uptake each participant and their referrer will receive a limited-edition Sushi NFT once they finish the course. This will give an incentive to others to introduce as many people as possible.

I believe this may be very beneficial for sushi and its community as this course will help new people get started in DeFi. This will increase brand loyalty and we may see an increase in contributors in our community. Furthermore, this will also build on the brand that Sushi already has as a market leader. I hope I can help bring in a new wave of Defi and Sushi users.


Hi @OxSake this is a good thought! My team and I are currently working on creating the Samurai platform, and this is one part we are extremely putting our focus on, to create the best learning environment for newbies around DeFi and Sushi ecosystem in general. Most of these topics mentioned above will be covered in-depth so that even an average joe can get started without any hassles. We also have plans to issue a POAP/NFT for people who complete these tasks before they jump in and play around (ideation). I do however like the idea of doing a weekly/fortnight-based webinar like walkthrough. It is something that has passed through my mind occasionally. I will certainly discuss this with the team and probably add it to our scope creep if there is real demand.


The knowledge platform and regular mentoring are great ideas. Would love to help with both, writing educational posts and onboarding users in a regular setting.

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I love this idea. It’s so necessary for everything in the crypto and DAO life. The ecosystem is overwhelming and there’s a lot of friction. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, the best way to on-board to this realm is via human resources. I support the proposal, would be happy to assist if possible.

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This sounds similar to what Rabbithole is doing.

Maybe we could just team up with them and get some tasks created?

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Is that what Rabbithole does? I’ve admittedly never spent any time on Rabbithole.

Similar, I think dapps can commission quests that users do

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