Launchpads support

Attract liquidity of new qualitative tokens on Sushiswap by collaborations with launchpads.

‘Launchpads’ is gaining traction in the DeFi and bring qualitative liquidity to DEX. There are Uni AMM supported at such launchpads by default and locked liquidity from new tokens is passing by us. So we need to attract attention of our community to launchpads that supports SushiSwap AMM for a new tokens initial offerings and, as a consequence, to the projects that are hosted there (win-win)

I was looking launchpad that supports Sushiswap AMM for new project liquidity offering. There is no information about such launchpads in community. Finally, I found one launchpad - Unicrypt which added Sushiswap AMM support a few days ago, so first offering with locked liquidity on Sushiswap only will started today.

All we know that 90% of direct Uniswap listings is permissionless listings of rug tokens. But when listings come from launchpads we see an opposite situation. Maybe MISO will do its work, but we must not lose focus on external launchpads that supports us. We can publish actual info from launchpads that support us on sushi website (using API) for example. Doing some RT in twitter about launchpads. Maybe special Onsen offers for projects that lock liquidity through launchpads on Sushiswap. Also we can create topic on this forum where projects from launchpads can doing their presentations. It will be useful as for investors as for startuppers from our community.

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Totally agree. IMO the team should come in contact with the most well-known launchpad projects so sushi will promote them and they will add liquidity on sushi. I’m deep into many launchpads and uni IDOs don’t give me or anyone the option to use sushi in order to flip my newly shitcoins.