Let's get $TOKE

Sushi’s Treasury currently has 41,424.01 TOKE ($963,522.47) that could be utilized for staking at a potential APR between 16% - 31% on Tokemak.

Stake $TOKE → Allocate votes to reactors (Weekly voting required) → Direct liquidity to Sushiswap

Let’s starting making Sushi’s treasury productive. The yield earned could help cover fees for setting up the Swiss Association, operations fees etc.

Give Sushi core team members the autonomy to vote on reactors weekly


Make Sushi’s TOKE productive


Nope, not having it


  • Make Sushi’s TOKE productive
  • Nope, not having it

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This is a no brainer proposal… leaving assets unproductive is hurting us, similarly part of Sushi treasury should be deposited in at least Kashi or Compound to earn some yield.


Supportive of Kashi – as Sarang said, let’s keep it all native in Sushi!

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This shouldn’t even be a proposal and should have been done months ago :’)

But happy to see it finally happens :+1: .


All for greater capital efficiency. This proposal is a reminder for us to reexamine the wider SUSHI treasury and seek greater yield or utility for all assets.


A no-brainer proposal, using treasury assets to earn passive income without risking the asset itself falls under treasury management.

The TOKE rewards need to be manually claimed, So looking into automating the claiming after staking TOKE will be a good idea.

Furthermore, staking TOKE can increase the treasury size or pay Sushi employees in something other than SUSHI (or Stable coins). This reduces the selling pressure on SUSHI, which improves the overall SUSHI and xSUSHI price. Before people are discussing possible uses cases for TOKE rewards etc. I think that such a discussion is better for another proposal so that staking TOKE is not further delayed. The longer we wait how more rewards we miss.

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This should happen asap.

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Is there any reason why Sushi can’t sell TOKE for ETH or USDC? I didn’t dig very deep into what TOKE does, but it seems to lack a primitive… as in, what is the functionality that TOKE offers that people are willing to pay for? Protocols without primitive are mostly just redistributing wealth in the long run. With TOKE it seems to me that hodlers lose out in the long run when TOKE slowly goes to 0? Maybe I don’t understand TOKE, but does Sushi need to be in the speculative business. Seems like this is yet another distraction?


Sell it and buy some SUSHI :eyes:

There’s interesting bribe markets starting to come alive for TOKE as well, that we could consider in the future:

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There are many opportunities for the TOKE vote, but a framework for how to vote and streamlining TOKE reward claiming and directing liquidity.

I am not a fan that it takes such a long time until SuhiSwap’s TOKE will be set to work. Time is money, especially in Crypto.

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