Lost money and no transaction!

Hello all
I had a request to swap my band tokens to another token
I have paid the transaction fee you can check here: Ethereum Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | Etherscan

But I still have my band tokens in my wallet and the transaction does not complete yet!
What can I do? Please help me dear sushiswap!


You only approved not swapped.
Everytime you interact with a new contract you need to approve it.
This means you need to do a second transaction to swap.

Learn more about approve/allowance : ERC20 Approve/Allow Explained. When using a decentralized exchange to… | by Jordan Randolph | Ethex | Medium

I approved the transaction
When I using uniswap or pancakeswap, there is no other step! I pay the fee then they give me the swap transaction
What should I do in sushiswap? And that is mean I lost my money???

So why did I pay the fee? To swap my tokens right?? I approved by paying the transaction fee to get that swap

Its same on uniswap and pancakeswap.
All tokens work like this.

You first approve : Allow contract to takes tokens from your wallet.
Then swap : contract takes tokens to swap them.

Its explained in the article I sent above.

Can you clear it for me? Please
Why did I pay that much of ethereum?

So why pancakeswap ain’t request for two fees?

Ethereum cost a lot this days.
To finish your swap, you need to go back on sushi UI and click swap.

You can try other chains like polygon or xdai next time for lower fees.

it is, you just don’t remember because it cost way less since binance smart chain is cheaper than ethereum.

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Thank you sir! It was my bad

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