Lost my tokens/ HELP

Hi! I connected my Metamask wallet to exchange.sushiswapclassic.org today. Right after this action all my tokens (ORAI, DPI, ETH) automatically have disappeared and I found them sent to 0x9D68bf858591ad6F2Cc2cD1A8238BA018768e07A So i lost all my money. How is it possible? Please help to restore my tokens and eth
And I do not see any recent transactions in Metamask interface in Chrome

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bukenengba zenmhui dioushi

I think you didn’t get it right

Hi There
i experienced the same thing yesterday. but this service is not user friendly and i don’t know who to contact via email to resolve my problem. Please can the persons at Sushiswap help us to get our tokens back. i have mentioned this problem on the robot communication but it’s frustrating to communicate there. please assist.
Regards. LeosSushishop

Another problem i’m experiencing is that i cannot connect my wallets to this service. This service does not help first time investors very well.
Please add an email address where we can make contact for some assistance.
Many thanks.

The same thing happened to me yesterday , when I tried to farm the coins were gone but i dont know who may be able to find the owner to the adress here.

Hey guys,

As you all are finding out Defi isn’t always the most user friendly, but we are working on it.
I’ll reply to this thread to each message to see if I can help you all out.

This should be easy to resolve.
In the top left, if you click ‘connect to wallet’ you should be able to select a different wallet.
Your myetherwallet is on your phone right?

If so, if you click ‘WalletConnect’ that should give you a qr code you can scan and connect your wallet.
Give me a shout if that doesn’t work out.

Which wallet are you using?

As an FYI, sushiswap is decentralized finance, so you have all the power AND that means it can be risky.

Also as an FYI, discord #support can get you all help as well.

Did you happen to get an answer the same thing happened to me with the same address me I can’t do anything about it im fuming

Hi There Bnatural
have you received any help retrieving your tokens yet?

You aren’t the only one. I deposited AVAX and Weth into an LP. Sushi showed the liquidity. Now an hour later it says I have none - The transaction is in Explorer.

The same thing happened to me today …
I deposited WETH+DAI LP to Sushi on Polygon - I did see my staked LPs in the Farm right after that. But after a few hours, I could not find them any more - the farm only shows zero LP.

I can find transactions (approvals and deposit) in the explorer. Please help to see how I can recover this. Thanks!!

I asked for help in Discord.
The team suggested to change the polygon network to https://polygon-rpc.com, and I saw my tokens after that.
I was using https://rpc-mainnet.matic.network originally - it probably gets congested atm, so it can’t load data - “polygon-rpc uses a lot of rpcs underneath it, so it should be the best one to use”