Lost tokens after swap

I believe the token I was swapping didnt have enough liquidity and I ended up spending a large amount and just received 1% of the amount I should be getting. Any way someone can help please?


Hey, can you share what token you swapped ? so I can check liquidity and confirm.

Yes, I was swapping KogeCoin. 0x13748d548d95d78a3c83fe3f32604b4796cffa23

Hey Jay,

I could only see two pools for it, Kogecoin-USDC and Kogecoin-Matic - both with abysmal liquidity (around $25 each) so we can assume that price impact wrecked you in the trade. Unfortunately there’s nothing that can really be done in instances like that, transactions cannot be rolled back on the blockchain. :frowning:

All I can really recommend is in the future to check the liquidity on the analytics side for any obscure token pools that you might want to jump into before you pull the trigger on it.

You may not have considered slippage in calculations