Make Tangle owner of Sushi Discord

So it seems Joe has the discord and won’t hand it over until there’s a new leader. The simplest resolution I see is to do a quick snapshot vote and let the community decide who should be the owner of the Discord. Since we have a community manager (Tangle), that would seem the most logical person to take ownership at the moment to me, but I’m open to other suggestions. So I propose a 2 day snapshot starting asap that simply says:

Should Tangle be the owner of the Sushi Discord server?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hey. At the end of the day we just want to see the ownership get into hands that won’t cause ongoing issues for the community. I will do my best as owner of this account to act in accordance with the community ethos. I vow to hold this server as a steward of the community. If the wish is to move it to another account, I will happily do so at the will of the community.

Joe may have asked specifically that we elect a leader for Sushi before he hands it over, but I think we are a little ways away from that at this particular juncture. Hopefully by following the DAO’s process of forum posting, along with a Snapshot vote, we can have a smooth transition of Server Ownership.

With the permissions that have been adjusted and altered lately, many of us no longer have the same roles and access. For example I can no longer post images in Announcements, access the DEGEN bot for POAP’s, or access previous channels. We are also beginning to see an uptick in scammers as well with some of our defences down.

If anyone choses to respond to this post, I do ask that you please do so in a positive, constructive manner. Please do not post any derogatory, defamatory, or negative comments here towards Joseph. We have all been through plenty, and comments of that nature will not serve us here.

I hope for us to have this matter resolved soon, and allow Sushi to move forward.


Alt here kek. The recent events of Frogs in the discord make it seem like the issue of discord is political… what judgement calls should be made in the event of political disagreements? At the end of the day…actions from this role can seem political, what actions can this role take?


Why have a single owner? What if Tangle (no offense) just disappears? All big brains in Sushi / Frog community surely has a better way, multikey sharded password?


Agree! <post must be at least 20 chars>

New time community member, new big-ish sushi holder. Sorry if I don’t know who’s who in here. I thought Tangle was community manager for Layer0 (also newbie in that community)? Or is there another Tangle?

New community member here, new big-ish Sushi holder. Sorry if I don’t know who’s who in here. I’m also a newbie Layer0 community member - I thought Tangle was community manager of Layer0? Or is this a different 0xTangle?

Tangle = 0xTangle community manager of Layer0? Wrong forum?

I argue @Tangle and @BoringCrypto .
I vote yes

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It is impossible to have multiple Discord owners.
A multikey password is also not an option, because after user logs into Discord he gets cookies, and having them prolongated is enough for accessing it for as long as needed


Very curious that most No voters all registered here around the same day. Eventually we will need a system here that can’t be so easily influenced in a disingenuous manner.


the cool part is now that we can see who voted! whoever changed that setting made a good effort for improving transparency in the org

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All “no votes” joined on Dec 22nd… something about that doesn’t seem right? Certainly there’s a connection between the individuals.

You beat me to it! Just saw you noticed the same thing.

It’s turned of by default, but you can turn is on when you create the poll :smiley:


Hopefully Joe can just do the right think now, so we can stop these scammers… it’s not a good look for Joe:

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If there is a way to set up a Multisig type of account, or Discord was to offer a way for more than one user to own the account, I will encourage that be the path forward. Decentralization is something I think is paramount, and we need to find solutions somehow to offer these things to Web2 apps.

In reference to @SethBenson point on me disappearing, this is a good point. Perhaps the move for now would be to create a new account which I could transfer ownership to, and then open the email log in details to a trusted few selected by the community.

Or setting up some type of redundancies in the event that I were to become incapacitated or unable to access my accounts, aka dead man switch.

@FrogWithNitties @PokeBowl The system has flagged your posts for whatever reason, so I don’t think people can see them. But to answer you, yes, I am the Community Lead over at LayerZero as well. So I have every incentive to behave in the interests of the community, as my reputation is on the line to act in good faith. Failing to do so will only obliterate my reputation, and diminish trust with others.

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In all the no-profit organisations i worked with the key accounts part of the life of the organisations are “owned by” the board of directors or by a delegated collaborative administrative body in a group-managed account/email (usually admin@).

In such case a group email account account, along with a verified mobile phone number forwarded to a group of people, fix the issues of multiple ownership-management.

Then, Discord does allow fine tuned delegated Administrative Privileges configurations:

IMHO the “Technical Discord Ownership” should be bound to group-account that also own the key “” domain management in a shared admin email.

The Administration should be then delegated by an official Administrator that would take care of maintenance of administrative privileges and delegations.


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I do like the idea of multiple admins so no individual can do what happened with joe

Sounds great! Let’s get it to Tangle first, so he can look into setting this up… :slight_smile: