[Marketing] Decentraland wearables sponsorship proposal

Showing sushiswap brand in decentraland wearables and possible event in decentraland.

Visibility of sushiswap brand by showing image+text in NFT wearables. Also possibility to prepare event like some done in the past in decentraland but with $SUSHI drop: https://forum.decentraland.org/t/sammich-game-legendary-prizes-28-30-aug/150/2 (more than 100 gameplays happened on the 2Player game)
Funds for decentraland content creator (me and outsorcing).

The 3D model being built is (not definitive): https://sketchfab.com/3d-models/sammich-frog-fins-469af6a4ffd745cba0fab7d70092f50d?autospin=0.4
The initial idea to incorporate sushiswap brand in lower-body (pants with tail included):

Delivery of wearables is for 7 October, maybe with some margin, afterwards between 7-14 October is the testing and minting phase.

Extra info
You can test the multiplayer game “Sammich-Game” on play(dot)decentraland(dot)org position -95,-89 (I cannot post more links, you will need someone else to play with, it’s beta). The wearables are inspired by this game.
Honestly, I did also a proposal for uniswap on twitter but I didn’t receive answer :sweat_smile:

Twitter Pablo_es

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