Marketing, Visuals, User Growth, and Further Growth Proposal


This is my proposal for a long-term strategy for developing a visual standard and future branding updates, developing and executing a formalized marketing strategy, plan for and execute strategies for growing our user base, and fixing our PR image.


Please view the proposal in its entirety here.


We need to develop a marketing and growth strategy to put our collective talents to use in a productive and streamlined way, so that we may set concrete goals with timelines and strategies to get there and feel more aligned and cohesive.


Specifics are in the proposal.


Strategies developed to continue growing our presence and fixing our mismatched visual identity and combat negative PR.


The only downside I can think of is the community feeling that this is ‘too corporate’


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Chester has put forward an amazing amount of work these past few weeks creating this brand strategy. I really hope people take the time to read through it via the link posted above.


Kinda disappointing to see this didn’t get much traction - I’d say the sooner we start executing the better, hope we can allocate some sushi from the dev fund for you soon


Thank you Chester for your detailed proposal.

I strongly want it to be considered as a top priority to be implemented immediately, as is clear to me that we are already late with this part. The Sushiswap has a fully working service and excellent long term technical developments, but is not sustained at all by a good MK/PR as it should be. I am sure this part is the most important one missing, as of now, in order to stop losing trading volume and customers.

I am not pleased to see that the thinking is that it can be done later. Yes, it can, but with what business cost lost every day? How much will take and cost to regain the lost trade volume and customers ? “Keep the customers you have before adding others,its much cheaper and easier” - approx quote :slight_smile:

Why not sustain the actual working service with a substantial mk investment asap ? Definitely the team is very strong on technical area, has a good pace on that (congrats!) and excellent community contributors. Unfortunately, it looks to me that is not paying enough attention to the MK as of now.

I see that we have very good technical improvement proposals, but why NOT focus daily on gaining the maximum trade volume, keep the vibe, capitalize on the nice development (reduction of Mcap, locked new sushi, new UI, new revenue stream ready in one month, etc) and get some viral talks in media, twitter etc ? Why the delay to apply your proposals or other similar? Its not obvious those missing actions and that cannot be postponed without high opportunity costs ?

If you allow me, I suggest you to make an even more specific proposal: Budget needed (including eventual collaboration contracts with various other media consulting companies/freelancers or else), your compensation request (maybe similar with the proposals of Boring Crypto or, starting time (I suggest the1st part of next week), KPI, results expected on weekly basis, etc and to ask to be submitted to vote. I will be one of 1st to support it. Pls. continue to push for it !

Best wishes !

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Thank you for your feedback - I totally agree. I would love to flesh this out further and get more specific with budgets, KPIs, etc - I would need some context and clarity around what kind of budget is available, what our current growth stats are so I could calculate reasonable KPIs, etc. Perhaps if there becomes some momentum behind this and I’m able to garner some compensation from the community I could move forward with this - as it stands I have a demanding full-time job and there’s only so much I can contribute at this moment for free, though I will happily volunteer whatever I can within my reasonable timeframes and boundaries


@ChesterLaCroix I totally agree with this. better marketing and visual bigger the community. I can help with the notification and sound spacing for specific features in SushiSwap.