Meme Contest Structure

@Vincentrinot asked in discord if sushi would be open to having a meme contest. I think this would be great, but am not sure how the structure or rewards for such a contest should be. Sushi needs more meme-fu regardless.

If you have experience or ideas in structuring a meme contest please feel free to share them by the end of this week and we can get this moving.

Thanks everyone!

Meme contest temperature check
  • We should definitely have a meme contest
  • We shouldn’t have a meme contest
  • We should generate memes through a different medium (not contest)

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As ridiculous as it may sound to some. Memeology is a powerful force and its what crypto people like to see in their favorite platform.

We could have a monthly meme contest where the winner gets 1 NFT which can be redeemed for a physical sushi cap (or sold on opensea)

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