Meowshi in the Bentobox?

Hi everyone,

So I swapped my xSushi for Meowshi and then… I put it in the Bentobox. I thought I was supposed to do that, but now it seems like I wasn’t. To get it back out and into my wallet, I have to pay a gas fee now.

Is there any reason I need to withdraw it, or can I just leave it there? Looks like there’s no “strategy” for it, it’s just kinda sitting there.


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Hey! Meowshi is a token representing xSushi thrown into the BentoBox. It’s kinda a funny thought, throwing a token into BentoBox thats of a token that’s in BentoBox. x-)

It’s fine though. There really aren’t any xSushi or Meowshi specific strategies being deployed in Bento right now so it’s not going to hurt but it’s not really going to do anything either. You can leave it and wait for a more favorable time when gas isn’t so expensive.

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Awesome, thanks! Yeah I totally misunderstood the purpose of the coin :slight_smile:

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