MISO LunchPad unable to obtain tokens after Cancelled or Failed campaign


We recently set up a MISO Launchpad but had to cancel as dates we not correct. In doing so the token put up for the Launchpad sale were moved to another wallet. How do we access those tokens?

Same goes for our most recently completed MISO Launchpad we did not meet our minimum set but again, the tokens were moved to a wallet where we cant access the tokens.

Thanks for any info!

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Hey @qwla_alex, appologies, we’re still working through some kinks with the MISO ui.

The auction owner needs to cancel launcher here:

And then call withdrawTokens.

We’ll figure something out for the UI to make this simpler.

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Thanks for the quick reply! issue has been resolved! @ImSoftware

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No problem at all! There was an oversight in dealing with this case in the UI so thanks for bringing it to our attention.