MISO net effect

Sushi enthusiasts,

MISO itself is a nice addition to the sushi-project, given quality projects that already had their minimal initial sushi offering. I can totally see that is viable, especially in the way it is setup as a separate entity from sushi-swap for marketing it by itself, but still integrated into the same ecosystem, fueling volume etc. I might become a go to stop, for launching projects.

What gives me a bit of a hard time, is the apparent desire to open it up without restriction. It even is on of the supposed selling points.

My concern is that this will make bad publicity, in the realistic event that 95% of projects being launched are not a worthwhile investment. Just an assumption, given the fact that MISO will make it easier to launch new tokens, even without much of a prior conviction to anything from the creators. At least that’s my understanding.

So the concrete questions I would like find answers for:

  1. Is my understanding correct, to open up with unrestricted access?

  2. Will it lead to a lot of crap being listed?

  3. Why open it up completely and not have a people vote for inclusion of projects?

  4. Why not keep on curating the hosted projects like it is done now? I see that it would take effort which may be a good reason to not keep it up, but still. Would like to know.

  5. How will one be able to search for projects that have a plausible claim to become valuable. I see that it’s still early, but have there been concepts evaluated how to assess quality of listed projects?

  6. Could there be a net negative effect?

I guess I could also just wait and see what happens…

Thanks for reading

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I think opening up MISO is important to lower the barriers of entry and make it scalable, we just need some solution in place to manage the risk of scams as they would not only hurt users but also damage MISO/SushiSwap’s reputation.

Potential solutions:

  • Prominent warning/disclaimer on MISO that projects haven’t been vetted and that it’s on token buyers to do due diligence.
  • Enable comments on each MISO project/token page, so community members can trade intel on a project and provide caution if need be.
  • Have a “vetted” filter/stamp in the MISO UI for tokens/projects that have been approved by either the SushiSwap team or by an independent panel/multisig of community members that is established for the purpose of vetting projects. Vetted projects would be more prominent in the UI, and unvetted projects would have an extra disclaimer e.g., “this project is unvetted etc”
  • Give SUSHI holders veto power for prospective token listings. For example, projects complete their sign up at which time they enter “pending” status for, say, a week before the sale/auction goes live. And if enough SUSHI holders vote against the project during that week, it is canceled before going live.
  • Require and display more info from token issuers on their project and how raised funds will be used.
  • Maybe require Discord or Twitter Spaces AMA for each project
  • Add a vesting contract option whereby token issuers commit to a lockup of raised funds, gradually unvested over time

Those are just some possibilities, would love to hear other’s ideas.

Best from Mr. Bento.