Mobile app release proposal


To access SushiSwap on your mobile, you need to use 3rd-party wallet apps like mew, metamask or wallet connect solution. However, they were developed for a general purpose to support all the dapps not for SushiSwap. This proposal is about delivering the first mobile app for SushiSwap.


SushiSwap mobile app will support all the features that’s supported by the web frontend,, plus:

  • Creating saving users’ own private keys safely encrypted by Android’s KeyStore and iOS’s Secure Enclave.
  • Loading users’ account using seed phrases(mnemonic), which enables transitioning of desktop users smoothly without creating a new account.
  • Authenticating users using bitometric information: fingerprint recognition or face detection.
  • Notifying users as soon as their transactions get confirmed.
  • Fast loading when swapping tokens & adding liquidity by only loading tokens with balances.
  • Fast loading when removing liquidity compared to the web frontend.
  • Personalized accounting to check the investment performance easily.


SushiSwap became one of the promising defi projects in just 7 days since its launch. We are a team of 10 years of experience in developing mobile apps and we thought we could contribute to this innovation which is still experimental yet has far more potential than what it is now.


Account Management

Users can create their own wallet with password and it generates a 12-word seed phrase. The password and the seed phrase never leaves the deivce.
Also, they can load a pre-created seed phrase and continue using their account. Metamask users on desktop don’t necessarily have to create a new wallet.

Biometric Authentication

Mobile apps can increase the level of security using biometic authentication. Only the owner can sign in and send transaction to the blockchain using fingerprint recognition/face detection.

Push Notification

Every time a user created a transaction and as soon as it is confirmed, a push notification is sent. He/she can watch youtube videos or do whatever while waiting for it.

Security Measures

  • Seed phrase is encrypted using Android’s KeyStore or iOS’s Secure Enclave feature, which guarantees the hardware-backed security on the encrypted data in OS level.
  • Requires password or biometric authentcation for creating every transction.
  • Auto-locks the app when the app goes background or every 5 minutes; they need to re-authenticate it when coming foreground.


This is the same swap feature as the web frontend but is better at finding the most liquid pair. It uses DAI, USDC, USDT, SUSHI and YAM, which are used most frequently in SushiSwap, as base tokens for finding the fittest pair while the web uses the same base pairs as UniSwap such as COMP and MKR. Using these base tokens tuned for SushiSwap is important because swap contracts rely heavily on frontend when finding the fittest pair.
Also, it is customized for users so that they can see tokens only with balances. It could be a small change but delivers a better user experience.


This helps users add or remove their liquidity. When adding liquidity, it shows tokens only with balances, which improves usability. Also, when removing liquidity, it shows already added liquidity quickly. Loading time in the web frontend for the pre-added liquidity is quite slow because it searches for all the possible pairs.


This is the feature of depositing LP tokens so that they can earn SUSHI tokens. They can also filter out pairs that they had deposits or balances so that they can easily check the status of their LP tokens.

Staking (SushiBar)

Users can enter/leave SushiBar with SUSHI tokens; they can earn additional shares by minting xSUSHI.


This is a kind of pivot table that shows how much profit/loss they have gained.

  • DateTime/Token/Amount/TxType columns.
  • All the amounts are displayed in USD.
  • Users can export the chart in excel file.

Trust Issues

How can you trust the app? First, we will fully open source the code in github; it’s written in expo so it’s purely javascript. Since the app is delivered after compiling, we could manipulate it without notifying users if we were evil. To protect this from happening, we’ll add a command line tool to calculate the checksum of the compiled javascript code so that anyone can compare it to the value that’s being displayed in their app. If two values are different, of course it won’t happen, whole community will know about it so that the app will be abandoned.


We will commit full time to successfully launch the beta of SushiSwap mobile app in 14 days. This beta release will be delivered on discord channel so that volunteers can try using it: apk files on Android and TestFlight on iOS. The purpose of the beta release is to test in various environments and get feedbacks from community. After additional 7 days of testing, the stable one will be rolled out on Play Store and App Store.

We propose a fee of the mobile app in 5k SUSHI at the beta release and an additional 5k SUSHI at the stable release.

Any comments, opinions or even objections are welcomed. You can ping in discord.


  • This is what we’ve been waiting for!
  • Not really

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Thank you for your detailed app proposal and short time delivery schedule mentioned. I like everybody to continue this way with any other ideas.

I fully support your proposal, I find it very useful for the growth of Sushiswap and I consider the price requested very good, Imho. I hope other members better prepared technically than me can find it also balanced and vote for it asap to be moved to core vote.

All the best !

Thank you for your support, Edward!

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It’s nice to have app Mobile cuz u will win more things


Excellent proposal, this is great! Maybe include like a 10k SUSHI vesting over 1 year for maintenance and to add support for new features as they are added to the website, etc… such as BentoBox?


That sounds like a good idea!

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Great proposal, a well functioning app is a really good thing for this projekt, and a point where we can further innovate the defi space.

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This term will be added:


I love the initiative! If we only had 25x people like you willing to step up with ideas!

Can’t wait to try it. What you ask in return is more than reasonable.


Thank you @ctrl. It’s only the beginning and what’s more important is to actually deliver for users :smile:

How much fee do you think is more reasonable? Just want to listen to your our thought!

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Somehow this one slipped past me, Awesome write-up for your proposal ! Payment upon deliverables with a modest sum vested for maintenance +1


We’d like to adjust the release fee to 10k(beta) + 13.5k(stable) for reasons being:

  • The price of SUSHI could rise but could also drop at the time of payment.
  • The amount of work in hours calculated is way more than what was expected at first.
  • For delivering a unified look with the web, it needs additional work to be done.
  • More motivating compensation shall return as a quality mobile app :slight_smile:

Release dates:

  • Beta: 12th October
  • Stable: 19th October

let’s put her up for formal vote. This looks great!

I haven’t used mobile for crypto, but can’t apps connect to mobile MetaMask and other wallets? I would prefer that over creating and storing keys.


Please make sure to read this : Proposal for The Official SushiSwap Mobile App

With this in mind, I do think that a beta for 5k SUSHI is reasonable and could also be a trial to have you join the dev team.

I still think that creating a smart wallet for each users on the mobile app itself is more overhead than we need. We don’t need to own the whole pipeline and personally I wouldn’t trust a smart wallet with any substantial funds anyway that is why a lot of people are using desktop paired with a hardware wallet.

There wasn’t any mobile “app” in itself in the timeline and I would personally prefer a mobile adapted UI with capabilities from a third party wallet like Rainbow - Trustwallet etc.

I think both mobile apps proposals aren’t that exciting one can see his balance via Zapper or Zerion.

They can’t be interacting with their pools or else but supporting a whole new codebase isn’t really something we want to dive in too quickly.

Happy to be proven wrong and give it a try if community wish to move forward with it. I think that encouraging devs to experiment should be rewarded if reasonable.


@0xMaki First of all, it’s not a smart wallet. It doesn’t create any contract for users. Users create their 12 seed phrase on their device and their EOA directly communicates with smart contracts of sushiswap just like it does for web frontend with metamask.

Also, a fee of just 5k isn’t very motivating for us. It’s not a proposal for a mvp that works on one platform. We propose that the community will have a fully functioning app on both android and iOS in 14 days(the clock is ticking already).

We already put a lot of effort to create a web frontend without being payed at all. Of course it was us that did it because we love the project but at this moment I feel discouraged because our effort is undervalued.

The mobile app isn’t for trial. It will be built for real users who would want to yield farm on their phone without being limited to where they are. Compared to what siliconvalley5 propsed, which was 135k USD, our proposal seems super reasonable.

I think we need to open the vote and listen to the community. Possible answers could be as such:

  • 10k(beta) + 13.5(stable)
  • 5k(beta) and we’ll see after
  • We don’t need an app atm

I am willing to pay for the beta right from the Growth fund at 5k-10k depending on quality of the product this is a risk for you if you are willing to take it go ahead. I wish developers would be more focus on what is more important near term which is improvements to the core products. We will see what kind of traction the mobile apps gets to answer this maybe it will be wildly popular or disappointing if community wants it we will go forward.

I would rather pay 10k-25k for limit orders than a mobile app but if this is what you are passionate and wish to build can’t force you.


Do we need an app? I thought we were building a mobile optimized UI on


My 2 sushi… if we acknowledge it or not, more and more people use ‘phone app first approach’ if we don’t have a ‘official’ app, others will develop one that might not be what the community wants and can cast a negative light on the project if those ‘unofficial’ apps are malicious or are behind in implementing what we have available on the website. — not an app developer and have 0 idea on how hard/easy it would be to leverage metamask etc within apps… totally against our app being/providing ‘another’ wallet (at this point of time)

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