My farm is gone

I added liquidity to the WETH/WMATIC pair 2 months ago. But now I can’t find my farm. What should I do?


Please send link for chat with support again. thank you

Its not gone, We are having problem with Graph on polygon. This is creating issue with display of some farms. You can temporarily check your position on until this gets resolved.


I’m experiencing the same, I can’t see nor access my WETH/WMATIC farm…

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Please see the post above yours. You can also manage your farm position through Sushi backup

sushibackup/com - can we trust this site? Anybody from official support can approve it?
I want to remove my DAI/USDC in polygon from the farm but I can’t
official app/sushi/com doesnt show them

Hi, I’d like to post a problem with my pool LINK-WETH which is not shown in my pool position but it is in the “Liquidity position”.
It’s also impossible to import the pool.
In addition the LP token is not possible to use it in Beefy because it’s not visible to it.
Please give me some light to solve this.
Thank’s a lot.

Could you please join Sushi DIsocrd: SushiSwap Community you will get all the needed help in the support channel there.

I used sushibackup to unstake farmed LP
official site still doesn’t work
very unstable staking :frowning: