My Metamask has been compromised and contains my sushi

Hi - i dont know if anyone can assist
Stupidly my metamask wallet key was obtained by scammers and they took all my eth
However my Sushi which is staked is still remaining in the wallet
If i try to unstake it, i require eth in my metamask wallet, as it is connected to the etherum network, but every time i put eth in my account the scammers take it before i can do anything
I tried changing wallets in my sushi account but when i do this the sushi disappears
if i change network the sushi also does not show
is there anyway that I can get the sushi unstaked without requiring ether and send to another wallet which has not been compromised

There maybe something though need to speak to another team member.

Do you know what flash bots or gasless relays are?

No idea i am not a techie just an ordinary guy trying to be part of the crypto world without losing his shirt - which is what is happening at present

Hey, can you join sushi discord : SushiSwap Community

Will be easier to help there.


I have discord for SOl - and cant see sushiswop there to add

I tried adding you as a friend - dont know if u receive this request or not

let me know

are you also going to scam me - or are there some decent people out there that actually help

sorry for the above question but thinking leaving the crypto world for good


@Moty the two above are solid people.

They are part of the Sushi team and community and will try to help you out.

Best of luck! Don’t be deterred by one nefarious actor.

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hhk was in contact with me

He said I need to create a gasbot, but since I am a simple guy with no programming experience whilst i appreciate his advice it does nothing to resolve my situation

if i start scrolling the internet for gasbots i will probably end up costing myself even more money

so it looks like at some stage the scammer will take what remains of the wallet

One last question is it possible to get the staking rewards paid to a different wallet? so maybe I can benefit while the sushi remains there


Can I see the address?
If the Sushi is staked (ie you still have xsushi in your wallet), you may be able to just use

You just need enough eth in a new wallet to pay the miner fee (which is higher than usual), and you input your compromised key (Not the uncompramised key), and the token contract address, would be xSushi in this case:

Hi maka

my address is 0x523A0C24f525d5272Fe283797B2473731138dEcf

I dont want to use metamask again - can i use any wallet?

how much ether would i need there - can this tool be trusted though my wallet is already compromised so i cant really do much more damage to myself


Yes I have seen people use it mid scan on a couple of occasions now.
It will send whatever is there to a new address.

Last night when reading your message it was very late and I read staked thinking LP tokens in the chef contract. Unstaking SLP from a farm and then sending is quite a bit more complex, but just sending tokens already in the wallet, like xSushi. This can do that easily.

Sadly, I wouldn’t advise it in your case as the value of the xSushi is about $150.80 ( ~0.035475341344299 Eth)
Bribing the miner will be 0.4/5

Much much love, please do get a hardware wallet :pray:t4:

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