Nabe (Sushiswap Community Metaverse)

Title: Nabe (Sushiswap Community Metaverse)

Authors: cryptoshalom.eth, kostofan.eth

Date: June 29th, 2022


The last few months were difficult for Sushiswap - each month we face yearly low trading volume, resulting from decreased liquidity effect of the bearish market trend.

The DEX recorded around $3.45 billion in volume during April 2022 and a distressing $1.7 billion in June, according to Dune analytics.

According to Dune, the decreased investor interest in crypto & the low community engagement has mostly led to a decline in transaction counts. And the decline led us to the waning volumes. We must think of how to bring back this interest from the community to increase the total trading volume and maintain it afterward.

Our idea is to start educating the community about the new and most successful listings in the most interactive way while creating a shared memorable experience around the Sushiswap brand. That’s what other crypto exchanges do with organizing events & supporting community initiatives - they establish a loyal community around their values through a natural shared experience. And that’s what Sushiswap fails to do.

We want to provide your community with immersive experiences that are globally accessible via browser. These include marketing events, new listing announcements & community engagement nights. These experiences will be hosted in your own, Sushiswap microverse, accessible 24/7.


365 days of community engagement in your own Sushiswap Microverse - Nabe.

  • Party.Space creates a browser-based microverse, customized to meet Sushiswap’s style & branding. Unlike all other metaverses, this one’s designed to foster communication & increase engagement during Sushiswap Community events.

  • Community calls & parties, conferences & workshops, NFT auctions & web3 job fairs. Whichever event is hosted on Zoom could be run inside your own metaverse, but with a higher level of user engagement & social postings. We are ready to provide you with turn-key community events to increase the engagement of your community towards brand and increase the total number of contributions to it.

  • Apart from events, we want to use this microverse to increase the total number of bids & trades at your DEX - by announcing your new listings and showcasing the most popular tokens in a more interactive way. Each month we will update the branding of the metaverse with relevant listings/tokens and make it accessible 24/7 for all the users of Sushiswap. We think of embedding it into your website.

  • The access to the location will be token-gated (exclusive, to holders with a certain threshold of SUSHI holdings), or we can do the Discord log-in (limited access to the members of Sushi community). We can also make it a public metaverse, available for anyone who wants to learn more about Sushiswap.

  • 24/7 technical support and a dedicated delivery manager to set up hosted events
    Video reference: Degen Ape Academy Outhouse review
    Online demo of Sushiswap Microverse: Party Space


  1. Community impact

a. educating your community about the new and the most successful monthly listings in an interactive and engaging way to bring more transaction counts (and reduce marketing cost of launching new listings with a better community awareness)

b. engaging your community through the immersive visual experience & interactive events, bonding them around the Sushiswap values & bringing more contributions

c. collecting insightful data points about the attendees of your events (which tokens got most user interactions during the new listing announcements and within the specific period, what was a “visitor-to-user” conversion rate)

  1. Growth and visibility

A. increasing Sushiswap’s online visibility (“the first DEX to feature a community microverse & educate newcomers about their activity”)

b. producing historical shows with Sushiswap brand ambassadors having the result of publicizing platform even more (like Travis Scott in Fortnite, but more relevant to crypto & less expensive)

c. increasing social media presence through the meta photos that people share after our events

After all, our team loves Sushi and as users, we’d love to have such a cool experience online.
And the bear market is the best time to BUIDL.

TEAM (fully doxxed)

At Party.Space we build metaverses for brands to engage with their clients & community. Here are some numbers:

Party.Space is a team of 24. We are a Delaware-registered company with half of our employees working in Ukraine. We started in 2020 and since then we have worked with big enterprises like Hubspot, Zapier & KPMG, as well as NFT & crypto companies (Degen Ape Academy, Capex, HeyLayer). Here are some case studies: Resources | Party.Space

Our legal name: Party.Space Inc., a legal entity incorporated with number 3599808 pursuant to laws of Delaware, USA, in September 2020.

Our LinkedIn page:

A huge number of G2 reviews on our product proves that we found the formula for the most engaging online experience:

Video of Party.Space in action: link

Twitter accounts of the execs:
cryptoshalom.eth (@yfilipch) / Twitter
Arthur Ostapenko (@arthurostapenko) / Twitter
Dmitry Zvada (@dadon_7) / Twitter


“Nabe” refers to a japanese dish, cooked in a hot-pot by several people together.
People gather around the hot-pot and add their ingredients to it, creating a memorable shared experience around the process and making them gather again for the new result next time.

That reflects our idea in terms of Sushiswap metaverse.
And fits into your product line culture (Sushi, Miso, and now - Nabe)

The Sushiswap community metaverse - Nabe - will be available 24/7 and may be used for a variety of use-cases:

  • community events & new/top listing announcements

  • virtual job fairs to attract top web3 devs

  • NFT auctions, parties & marketing events

This metaverse would be as easy as using zoom,
any events inside the metaverse would be as easy as setting up a zoom meeting.

What will it look like?

Here’s a sneak peek of the Nabe we’ve already built for you.

It’s a ready-to-go environment with the capacity to host up to 500 concurrent users. It has all the needed functionality for zero-friction user interactions & engaging virtual events (described in the following sections). We can also develop the extra functionality upon your vision and request.

No downloads required. The metaverse will be available within the specific URL which can be built into your website. Access to it can be either open for everyone or limited to specific users. We think of an exclusive token-gated AUTH system for the SUSHI Token holders or your Discord community.

How users can interact with each other?

Once your attendees join the metaverse, they see other users represented as bubbles.

Once your attendees join the metaverse, they see other users represented as bubbles.

Images inside the bubbles can be a set of Aave images (e.g. different unicorn images and users may choose which one to be represented inside their bubble) or NFT images from user’s wallet or custom images they can upload before entering the metaverse.

But once users join the table - they can switch the image inside the bubble to their live video from the web camera.

All in all, users can interact with each other via spatial audio chat all around the space & via video chat at the private tables & meeting points (both - used for private video chat, up to 10 users).

Also, users see the Main Stage Screen with the possibility to broadcast a live stream from the web, a pre-recorded video (set of videos) or even multiple people doing their presentations.
Yep, users can be broadcasted on the Main Stage screen and act as a speaker
(and it is as easy as in zoom - here’s the User POV)

They can also throw emojis at each other all around the space - using an emoji gun😜
and play some of our embedded ice-breaking games:

  • Pictionary (played at the tables, video)

  • Who am I (played at the tables, video)

  • Retro games (played all across the space, video)

  • Treasure hunt (played all across the space, video)

  • Quiz (played all across the space, video)

Also, one more thing about emoji gun - we can upload a specific set of emojis related to Sushiswap, but this one :poop:is gonna be the most popular anyway, trust me - I’ve seen things.

Users can also take meta-photo inside the space and download/post them directly on Twiiter and/or other social media. It also adds the event logo or the Uniswap logo to the screenshot. More social postings compared to zoom/hopin events are guaranteed.

How users can interact with the environment?

They can also interact with your content - there are banners & 3D models all around the space.

Any video/URL opens as an iframe integration after clicking on the banner.
Multiple users can interact with the same banner simultaneously.

And there’s a way more you can do inside the space!
Here’s a video that describes the functionality of the platform at its best: Doge Temple Metaverse: Product Hunt Afterparty (Golden Kitty Awards)


While we bring all of your events into the metaverse with an outstanding visual experience for users, we also take care of establishing a monthly community night for your discord community or SUSHI Token holders as a part of a rewards system for them.

There are different hosted activities we may offer for you - these include musical bingo, karaoke trivia & virtual masterclasses provided by our partners and covered by our initial offer.
Here’s an example of a community quiz night (video) & karaoke trivia (video).


The Sushiswap Community metaverse is now ready and would love to provide you with one-year access for you & your community. To cover the costs for its maintenance & our services we need a one-time payment of 120k USD in crypto, which can be split into monthly payments of 10k USD in crypto.

That includes:

  • 24/7 availability for one year
  • technology & traffic time for one year
  • live technical support for one year (via support chat)
  • Token-gated access
  • the monthly community event with a professional host
  • post-event analytics after each event held inside the metaverse (contains average session length, total unique users, maximum concurrent users, number of
    interactions with the embedded content, etc.)

Extra features
Have any ideas? Tell us what you want - and we will make it!
Our team is very flexible when it comes to the best user experience. But please note that such alterations can postpone the launch of the project and might increase the project budget.

So, let’s give it a try?

  • Let’s do it!
  • No

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Hey Sushi members,
My name is Kostas, from Party.Space growth team.
It’s great to be here!

I would love to answer questions about Sushi x Party.Space collaboration, feel free to tag me :blush:

Wow, it look awesome! I’m ready to have a party at Sushi rooftop Nabe. Cool idea!