NATTO : Sushi NFT Exchange

I disagree, Natto sounds good.

Reminds me too much of NATO, which is what I think most people would think of the first time they heard it.

I love the idea, completely. But I do prefer the names suggested by FF.

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Omakase though sound really sharp to me. Pretty cool and precise :slight_smile:

How about Kazari? Kazari Maki is one type of sushi that is like art, and each roll is unique. Does it look similar to the characteristics of a NFT?


I like this proposal

this is clean. i really like the built in analytics, its one of the main issues with topshot

plz sers wen NATTO

Great idea and nothing better than NATTO straight out of the styrofoam pack

Going to have to also throw in my vote for Omakase. Natto seems rather random, in my opinion. The only connection I can think of with NFTs and Natto is they both start with N. And I feel like this launchpad can definitely benefit from being a multichain L2 kind of deal. One of the largest barriers of entry I see for many artists is the cost of minting NFTs. Many (humble) artists I know couldn’t image having to price their works for hundreds of dollars just to make up for the gas fees, and would much rather place affordable prices for their crafts. With L2 fees being cheaper, it could be reasonable to sell someone a regular priced physical t-shirt with a bonus NFT for $35 USD, for example.


Heavily in favor of this proposal. Omakase already has a place in the current sushiswap ecosystem, but I wouldn’t mind having a discussion on an alternative name for the platform. I personally find Kaonashi (顔無し) to be a bit more fitting.

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Hello, you guys.
I’m Japanese, and I feel the name “NATTO” is a little weird.
So I suggest the name “Shoyu”.
“Shoyu” is soy sauce.
The reason is that in Japan, when we eat sushi, we eat it with soy sauce.
And the name “Shoyu” almost sounds like “Show you”, which also looks like showing NFT to the people around you.
Given that the name of this platform is Sushiswap, why not name it “Shoyu”?


I think this is a great idea. I’d love to see further discussion about this.

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Great suggestion, think the ultimate name should be discussed a bit further. Overall in support of this proposal! :+1:

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yeah. It’s great idea. I love name “Shoyu”.

and NFT exchange in Sushi is really nice idea. I support idea that except name.


I am Japanese and strongly agree to his opinion.
NATTO is sound weird for us.

I recommend to rethink to other name such as SHOYU or something like that!


Great naming: shoyu! Let’s go with it.


I agree.
I prefer “Shoyu” to “NATTO” !

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Shoyu does not sound right.
Why not Wasabi

I love this idea. Thanks for sharing. Amazingly simple pun that I’m surprised I didn’t consider since I just had shoyu ramen yesterday.

“Show you”, it’s perfect no?

Shoyu sounds really good
2.5% seems high (opensea takes 2% i think), why can’t it be same as swap fee to be really disruptive ?

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