New Tokenomics Calculators & Proofs

We recently released our proposal for new tokenomics and have received mostly positive feedback from many people in the community and broader industry. Although, some questions have arisen regarding how we modeled the outcomes of each market dynamic presented in the token model paper’s tables. We are releasing this addendum showcasing the calculators we built for our model so anyone can mess with the variables and try and break the model. We believe the best token model outcome is supported by healthy dialogue and feedback and welcome your increased engagement in the discussion surrounding Sushi’s newly proposed model. Please see the links below for more information.

How to use the calculators:

Calculators (this link will copy the calculators so you can edit the fields):

Find the original tokenomics proposal post and token paper here:


Had a look and tried to understand it, but I’m not smart enough… my general understanding of the proposal is that it’s a complex reshuffle of the 0.05% part of the trading fee. So my understanding is that as long as volume (and TVL) don’t drastically increase, none of this is substantial. I don’t see a reason to implement any of this right now because it will take resources away from development of a competitive swap product and growing that.

But maybe I’m missing something, so I have a single question:

Do you think these new tokenomics will drive significant TVL and volume growth?

It should help attract “good” liquidity using more strategic rewards/rebates to reward the lp’ers that provide the valuable/useful/in-demand pairs.


Why not doing the same than velodrom ve(3,3), you lock your VELO and earn trading fees?