Nomination - Dabiiibii for HC

Hi Sushi,

I am nominating myself (@dabiiibii) for the Sushi HC position. Sushi is one of the most powerful protocols in defi today, and I look to contribute and help Sushi reach its full potential. Please see below for my intentions. I look forward to having a lively discussion and to working with the team.

My priorities as HC -

  1. Empower Sushi devs and develop the best dev team.
  2. Prioritize security.
  3. Deliver delightful, complete, easy to understand, and best in class defi experience.
  4. Increase revenue to Sushi in the short and long term.
  5. Promote censorship resistance and decentralization.

My relevant experience -

  1. Product management leader at FAANG. I was responsible for leading a team of software engineers and for delivering the roadmap of products that generated $2 billion annual revenue.
  2. P&L general manager in e-commerce. As general manager, I managed a balance sheet and brought in $710 million annual revenue while improving cost. I grew the business from $80 million annual revenue in three years (112% growth rate year over year for three years).
  3. Founding member of MonkeDAO (largest NFT DAO on Solana; $160M in volume in first four months).
  4. JuiceboxDAO. Juicebox team was responsible for launching AssangeDAO, ConstitutionDAO, SpiceDAO (Dune), and more.

My proposals and ideas -

UNIFY AND REBRAND ALL PRODUCTS UNDER SUSHI — streamline branding and marketing so that all products reference Sushi.

The current branding is too confusing for the average user. We want people to recognize Sushi as the one stop shop for all of defi.

Even as a relatively sophisticated defi user, I am overwhelmed by the Sushi product names. It’s hard to remember what they do and that they are brilliant products developed in the same ecosystem as other Sushi products. By rebranding all products under Sushi, the brand will be much simpler and hence stronger and carry more weight.

For example, proposed names could be:

Kashi → SushiLend and SushiBorrow
MISO → SushiLaunchpad
Trident → SushiAMMFramework
Bentobox → SushiPlatform/Yield
Onsen → SushiFarm/Yield
SushiBar → SushiStake
Furo → SushiPay

This thread has the same idea, and I think it’s time to go for it (Rebranding of Sushi Products [Discussion]). I love the beginnings of the v2 rebrand, very fresh.

BUILD AND MAINTAIN SUSHI METRICS DASHBOARD — 1. create visibility into Sushi product metrics, so we can make Sushi product decisions with data and 2. meet monthly publicly to report and review all relevant internal and external metrics.

It’s important that Sushi is data driven. We need visibility into usage data and liquidity data. We need to review this data systematically (at least monthly), so we can understand what this is telling us about our products (for example: are we losing liquidity, where and why? which products increased users the most week over week?) and have this data inform our product vision. Without data (and regular review of data, we don’t know where we are, what are strengths and weaknesses are, and where to go. I propose building out comprehensive metrics reporting to review our performance and guide next steps.

Example of metrics tracked include: number of new users using Furo week over week, change in $ streamed via Furo month over month, number of Sushi active users week over week, who are our biggest users (and are they changing), volume through Sushi swaps, top LP pairs generating revenue (and why), top decreases in liquidity week over week, xSushi outflows, changes in borrowing/lending week over week, Sushiswap users VS Uniswap users over time (month over month; quarter over quarter), many more.

Part of this metrics dashboard will compare Sushi’s usage and growth rate VS others in the space. We need to understand how well we are doing VS organic growth and VS the rest of the market/competitors. I also want to understand how much revenue each Sushi product is generating, how many engineering hours are being dedicated to each product, and what the potential size/prize is of each product.

The more data we have in a beautiful and easy to understand format will help us be wiser with treasury funds and learn which aspects of Sushi are generating value (and revenue) to the protocol. Are we looking at the right metrics today? Are we measuring the right metrics in the first place? Is our growth natural? Is it seasonal or are their triggers (new LP pairs, etc)? Which new products are growing fastest? Are we bringing in revenue?

In the monthly review, we will have a regular cadence of metrics that are reported on and discussed. In addition, we will look for data anomalies and outliers (positive and negative such as major changes month over month) that will provide insights. This review of data (and what goes into the report) will be a collaborative process.

As head chef, I will build out a business intelligence (data reporting) team and will lead this initiative — the key will be identifying which metrics are the most important to grow and how to impact them. Here are some Dune dashboards and Defillama pages that currently exist that can be great start to build on:


In the name of transparency and decentralization, we need to understand inflows and outflows of Sushi treasury better. Yearn uses Llamapay for this, and the transparency is beautiful: What are our costs?


We need to get Furo on the same level of usage and recognition across the ecosystem as Llamapay — transparent payments is one of the best products I’ve seen in all defi so far. I also believe that Sushi products are as good if not better than comparable than competitors in the space — but usage is relatively low on some products. How can we support these products better?

We need to track the growth of current products and support the building of current roadmap. I want to understand how the devs currently organize themselves and how deliverables are tracked. How does the current decision making process on new features and products work? How can development best be supported? I will meet with dev team and listen — I want to understand what blockers are in the way and how to unblock.


Similar to DAI or DOLA or MIM — a fully collateralized SUSHI$ stablecoin. Overall, fully collateralized loans seems like a pretty safe bet: with minimal risk, great experience for users, spread the Sushi brand in defi, and profitable revenue stream. Key is FULLY COLLATERALIZED. Why are DAI, USDT, USDC, MIM, and FRAX default bases and there is no SUSHI$?

SUSHI$ is more ambitious both for the brand and will drive a virtuous cycle of people using Sushi. Eventually, we may need to figure out yields/incentives for liquidity pairs and Curve pools, but this wouldn’t be a blocker to launching - since SUSHI$ would fully collateralized, any deviance from price would be arbitraged and redeemed.

It would be fun to have a community wide competition to decide on the name of the SUSHI$.


When applying for the HC, I tried my best to learn as much about Sushi as possible on my own — it was almost impossible for me to learn who was working on Sushi and what the roadmap was without pinging people in the Discord — by the way, shoutout to the Sushi Discord mods, you are so great!

Improving documentation will increase professionalism and trust in the ecosystem. The good news is almost all the information/documentation is all there, it’s just across Google doc, Notion, Mirror, Forum, Medium, Barracuda, Gitbook, Sushi website, Sushi 1.0 website, Discord, etc. It needs to live together, all in one beautiful site.

We also need to have step by step guides — both text and video — on how to use each one of our products, and to explain what each of them do, in layman’s terms. We need a lot more screenshots and pictures in the documentation, guides, and FAQ!

We should be able to give our guide to a ten year old and have them understand (at minimum) how to execute a certain function and what the system is doing at a basic level (for example, what does borrowing mean, what does it mean that you can be liquidated, what would the liquidation price be, etc). There should be no doubt about product functions. Users should not be expected to come to Discord for manual help. If anything, if someone comes to the Discord with a question, we should be able to refer them to a link in our beautiful documentation — which of course, will have already all the answers they need.


The title says it all. We want to understand Sushi deeply from the most important perspective — those working on building its future. What are the biggest painpoints? What do you think is an existential risk? What do you see as the opportunity? What’s the low-hanging fruit? What do you dread? What are you excited for? What ambitious new products do you want to work on? The community wants to know this.


Sushi + Juice sounds like a delicious combination! Juicebox is the strongest DAO on ETH I have met. We need to bring together the strongest people in this space. See Juicebox for some of the projects launched on their protocol. The nature/structure of this can be discussed, my main point here is to recruit and bring together top talent — the key to surviving and thriving in defi. $171 million raised and $3 million revenue generated (Dune).


What partnerships can we develop? We need to discuss what worked before - for example, Illivium launch of ILV/ETH pair on Sushi was brilliant and is still the top LP pair by TVL on Sushi. How do we get more partners like this? Separately, do bribes work or simply increase short term liquidity? Discussion needed. What other ways to generate revenue? Is TVL the right metric target?


Do VE (voting escrow, vested) tokenomics make more sense VS xSUSHI? Are the current tokenomics and the xSUSHI model sustainable? This conversation needs to be driven by the community.

Happy second anniversary! :blush:


Hello @dabiiibii,

It’s great to see so many strong candidates in the ring for Head Chef. Hopefully we see you Thursday for the weekly forum so we can hear some more about you. :fire:


Hi @Zapacheenie, thank you for the message. I will be there on Thursday! I am looking forward to it.