Noox x Sushi: On-chain achievement layer on Sushi protocol


A proposal to use Noox to create on-chain achievements (soulbound token) to allow users to prove what they did on Sushi.

We are not requesting grants and there are no costs involved. We simply want to work with the core team and community members to identify meaningful actions on Sushi and help create an achievement layer for Sushi ecosystem.

On-chain achievements created for the community by the community.


What’s Noox? is a platform where users can create, prove, and mint on-chain achievements as soulbound NFTs. These NFTs are non-transferable and provide contexts around one’s on-chain actions. In May 2022, Noox released the beta and as of the time of writing this proposal, a total of 4,620 users claimed over 21,000 badges. The team had selected and created 112 badges from 51 projects and the list includes eight(8) SushiSwap badges.

Image 1. Badge series tiered with “swap” action in SushiSwap

Image 2. Details of the SushiSwap Rare Swapper badge in the Sushi Series

Currently, there are 195 users who claimed SushiSwap Swapper badges, including three(3) users who claimed SushiSwap Legendary Swapper badge.

Rank # of swaps # of users claimed
Uncommon 10+ 109
Magical 20+ 44
Rare 50+ 18
Super Rare 75+ 11
Unique 100+ 8
Epic 200+ 2
Legendary 300+ 3
Mythical 500+ 0

You can see more details about the badges here:

Solution for better Web3

We believe purely financialized instruments are not the best incentive structure to allow for the creation of a robust and sustainable ecosystem.

Based on the feedback from our ongoing beta, we believe on-chain achievements can help unlock healthier and more engaged communities.

For this, we’ve launched ‘Noox for Projects’ early access program to help communities like Sushi build on-chain achievements. By setting achievements, Sushi community can reward members who have contributed a lot to the ecosystem and give new members clear goals.

More details here:


Noox team proposes building on-chain achievement badges collection for SushiSwap community. We want to work with SushiSwap core contributors and community members in identifying the best achievements, and our team will be offering a suite of resources and benefits as part of the early access program.

Early access program and benefits

  • Achievement building: Noox team will provide A-to-Z assistance to help with everything regarding designing, creating, and deploying achievements in the form of badge NFTs
  • Tailored-theme project page: Dedicated achievement page that aligns with your project’s brand identity and culture.
  • Dedicated support: Provide support for things like processing & analyzing data and any other relevant requests.

We have identified achievements within the Sushi ecosystem and have prepared a sample collection page for the community. We are offering this as a starting point for collaborative discussion, and we want to create a collection that best reflects its values and cultures. We ask for your kind feedback.

Sample collection page for SushiSwap

Badges are non-transferable NFTs, and can only be earned by validating user’s historic on-chain actions.

  1. SushiSwap Swapper Series
    • 8 tiered achievement badges by the number of swaps executed. 8 badges are one series.
    • Owning this badge indicates that the user has swapped 10+ ~ 500+ times on SushiSwap
  2. xSushi Long-term Staker
    • Owning this badge indicates that the user has staked 1,000+ $xSUSHI for 1+ years
  3. High Volume ETH Liquidity Provider
    • Owning this badge indicates that the user has provided 1+ $ETH on Sushi Pools
  4. Kashi Heavy USDC Supplier
    • Owning this badge indicates that the user has supplied 1,000 $USDC to the market on SushiSwap
  5. MISO Auction Bidder
    • Owning this badge indicates that the user has participated at least 1 time in MISO Auction
  6. Heavy Meow-er
    • Meowed 1,000+ $SUSHI or $xSUSHI on SushiSwap

Offered features

  • Project page with achievement list
    • Individual project page for users to discover new achievements
    • Users are able to track their progress and mint each badge once completed
  • Leaderboard
    • Leaderboard to display the users with the highest achievements
    • Users can play status-game and check each other’s profiles via the board

Collaboration methodology

To give you an idea of the entire collaboration process, please refer to the below.

  1. Badge brainstorming
    • Define on-chain actions that can become achievements. For example:
      • Swap
      • Add Liquidity
      • Lend / Borrow
      • On-chain governance (proposals, votes)
    • (Optional) Set different tier levels or designations. For example:
      • Tier levels: Uncommon → Rare → Legendary
      • Designation: Heavy, OG, Loyal
    • Could be a collaborative effort
  2. Identify and collect technical information
  3. Prepare images for badges
  4. Badge publishing / deploying


We are not requesting grants and there are no costs involved.

We simply want to work with the core team and community members to help create an achievement layer on Sushi protocol.

On-chain achievements created for the community by the community.

Appendix: Other use-case

Discord Roles

Apart from engaging with your communities on via Sushi collection page, we can assist you in using Noox badges as a ‘role’ within your Discord servers.

Illustrative image for Sushi Discord

Hey Noox! This looks like a really cool project and initiative, however I see that all the badges need to be minted on Mainnet. Are there plans to move to other cheaper networks?

Thanks for the kind response! Currently we only support the Ethereum network for both verifying the underlying transaction and minting of the badges.

However, we do have plans to support more chains soon starting with EVM-compatible chains, in which case the badges could be minted on other cheaper networks.