Nori: Save the planet with blockchain

A proposal for Sushiswap to offset its carbon footprint by purchasing carbon removal through Nori, a blockchain backed carbon removal marketplace.

The planet is warming because there are too many greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere, the most abundant being CO2. There are many ways to remove that CO2 from the atmosphere and bring those levels back to reasonable amounts. Nori is a marketplace that enables the people who do the work to remove CO2 from the atmosphere to get paid for that work. We make it very easy for buyers (aka those that emit CO2) to purchase the removal of CO2 from suppliers (those removing CO2 from the atmosphere).

We record transaction information, for every purchase of carbon removed, on the Ethereum blockchain, creating an incredibly transparent system for this work.

By purchasing carbon removal through Nori, Sushiswap can fund the removal of CO2 emissions created by activity through their platform.

There is growing concern for the environmental impact caused by the cryptocurrency and blockchain movements. Energy consumption can be high, thus releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. With all the benefits cryptocurrency brings to society, it can be harmful to the planet and we can negate those harmful effects, especially in these earlier days of higher, non-renewable energy consumption.

Currently, 1 tonne of CO2 removed and stored in terrestrial reserves, through Nori, is $15.00 + 15% transaction fee. $15.00 goes directly to the supplier of carbon removal while Nori keeps a 15% transaction fee to keep the marketplace running.

Soon, you can use Nori Tokens to purchase carbon removal. Our company roadmap has been split in two. The first phase was getting the end to end carbon removal marketplace running. We have that now. The second phase is about layering in the NORI token as method of payment. That is coming later this year. See this link for more.


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