Official Complaint

I need to make an official complaint against the sushi mining app, they are saying I have to pay taxes on my own invested funds to withdraw my investment. I need an official support group contact to discuss this issue

There is no such thing on Sushiswap app. Are you sure you are using the official Sushiswap app - This is the only legit Sushiswap address.


I know this probably isn’t the right place, but I am not getting on Discord or Twitter to tell someone they have code problem on the website. The button on the Sushi Bar screen that says," Sushi Bar Stats". does not work anymore. Thanks

Hey, what is stopping you from entering the discord?
Sushibar stats page is depreciated. The analytics are all migrating under main site.

For now you can use, it’s made by boring crypto (bentobox dev).
Alternatively you can always just multiply your xSushi by the ratio, and look at the difference between that and the amount you staked to find your earnings.

Sounds like a scam tbh