OKC <> SushiSwap Extended Collaboration

Hi SushiSwap Community,

I am 0xD5FR, I work for OKX Ecosystem growth. We built a chain called OKC that give a environment for developer in Gamefi and Metaverse to grow. In fact our platform is fast and low cost (2,500 TPS, 0.0001$ Tx Fee) but we are not popular yet compare to a bsc or solana.

SushiSwap is currently already deployed on OKC (OKX Chain) however, the volume is very low. We believe that Sushiswap is a very strong community and solid protocol for AMM.

We are aware of the current internal restructuration inside Sushiswap, and would like to see if a collaboration with OKC will be appealing for you.

We would like to sit around a table with the main decision maker of Sushiswap, to discuss about your issue and our issue and to see how we can benefits each others.

We recently signed strong partnership to shine the brand such as Manchester City and Mclaren, and we would like to bring along our strategic partner.

We currently are looking for a strong DEX that has the flexibility to work with a CEX. We plan to onboard many gamefi projects and token, furthermore an AMM is necessary to handle liquidity and trades.

Details regarding our Chain Ecosystem:

Pitch Deck

If that partnership interest you. Please feel free to discuss here in this topic.

Best regards

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