One-click compounding

An alternative selection to “Harvest” that enables a user to stake their earned SUSHI without having to send it back to their wallet then back to SushiSwap at significant cost in Gas

Having an option to reinvest earned SUSHI without the expense and manual handling would encourage stakeholders to increase their investment, as well as increase the pool available for use. This could be as simple as having a single destination (a SUSHI only pool) or options to use it in farming pairs where SUSHI is one side of the pair. This would also provide competition to platforms such as “Pancake” where equivalent fees are lower to harvest and stake as that uses the more centralised and controlled BNB. The transaction would be settled on the spot with no harvest and hold type function.

As a new user to DeFi and SushiSwap being my first exposure to it, the obstacle to me taking earned SUSHI and re-staking is the loss of it through Gas fees. Removing these for this particular function and I’d simply have to periodically click to compound and choose the destination (as above, only particular scenarios apply)

Just a n00b so this would be for better minds than mine.

less manual handling, easier user experience, stronger loyalty and stakeholder retention, more investment

unsure of mechanism by which this would be achieved, conceptually simple but scaled up to thousands of transactions and users would increase server load. Unsure of the impact on contracts underlying farms and pools.

I did look for similar suggestions but didn’t see any here, I’m sure it’s been a consideration somewhere so I’m not sure if it’s worth sticking a poll on this.


i like ideas like this. as someone with a somewhat small crypto portfolio i am almost handcuffed into not being active with my assets. if i get sushi from onsen pools then it will take quite a while for me to harvest as the gas fees are typically way more costly than the asset itself.

if there was some form of choice for automation in this process that could cut costs for investors it would be beneficial for both parties, imo.

the best way for me to learn is to actively trade to better understand fundamentals and establish my own strategies. but i am not really able to do this due to gas fees. being able to auto-invest would at least make it a little more beneficial in the meantime.