Open a SUSHI grant for Dan Robinson as UX/UI consultant

Grant should be monthly with a predetermined set of deliverables. Open for discussion and debate

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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I would support an NFT grant for his continuous efforts in improving Sushiswap UI/UX.


Let’s send him 1 sushicap like Joe’s

This is an easy YES for me. In fact, I just created a thread concerning Sushi’s UI/UX yesterday: A few tweaks to improve UI/UX - #5 by fstyle

^Unfortunately my thread didn’t gain traction but yea.

And for those who think that these “small” changes aren’t necessary, they really are. I know this sounds kinda cheesy, but top-notch UI/UX isn’t necessarily something that most people find manually. Great UI/UX works in the subconscious.


VampHire Attack ! :heart: