Orange Wallet - Sushi Swap Proposal

Orange Wallet is in a unique position of currently being the only mobile wallet completely focusing on Polygon which is every day experiencing increasing footfall and Orange wallet can contribute to the numbers and users, it focuses specifically on providing the best user experience at Polygon network and it has extensive potential to bring more user base to Sushi Swap and products based on Sushi Swap with a native mobile experience.

Current status of Orange Wallet

Development side -

  1. Sending assets from one address to another.
  2. Depositing and withdrawing assets to and from Matic.
  3. Support for ERC20, ERC721, ERC1155.
  4. Staking Matic on Ethereum.
  5. Wallet Connect support for Matic based Dapps.
  6. Fiat on Ramp via Transak.
  7. Encryption for mnemonic storage.

Orange wallet is live on Google Playstore and is in TestFlight on Apple App store.

Grants and Support

  1. Grant from Matic to bring up Initial codebase($12,500).
  2. Support from Covalent for APIs.
  3. Grant from Pool together for Marketing and Pool together Integration($11,000).

Next in Roadmap

Marketing Side

Orange wallet is currently lacking on the marketing side thus special focus on marketing to get a solid userbase.

  1. A guerrilla marketing team to get 1,000+ followers to Orange Wallet social media pages.
  2. Incentives for users to install application and refer users.
  3. Marketing focused to get more user base on our application.
  4. Marketing from partners.

Development side

Immediate Integrations (highest priority) -

  1. Integration with Sushi Swap for swapping tokens,
  2. Sushi Swap for yield farming (onsen)
  3. xSushi staking for getting governance rights and interests.
  4. Kashi lending market for isolated lending markets, elastic interest rates.
  5. Integration with Pool Together for lossless lottery.

Integrations that will be made but not on priority -

  1. Opensea integration for direct access to NFT market place.
  2. BrightID integration.
  3. Proof of Humanity integration with UBI tokens.

Integrations that will be done when partner is ready -

  1. Integration with Kommunitas a Matic-based IDO/IEO platform under development. Once they will be ready on their side, they will be integrated into the wallet to provide users with direct access to newly launched tokens.

Misc. development work -

  1. UI designing for all the newer additions.
  2. Intensive unit testing and integration testing.
  3. Developing a website for Orange Wallet.

Expected Grant Size -

At this moment we are looking for a total Grant of $100,000 for the development and marketing of the wallet. We are expecting it from all the initial partners/ initially integrated protocols. Out of a total of $100,000 where, 40% will be strictly used for marketing and the other 60% will be used for development and miscellaneous expenses.

Raising Funds -

Once the wallet has sufficient integrations, new features suggested by the userbase, and about 1,000+ downloads or MAU (monthly active users) on Playstore and App Store combined, we will be moving forward with Raising funds, our token launch, and specific features and incentives for our token holders.

Support Required from Sushi Swap -

  1. Monetary support in form of grant

    1. Marketing ($15,000) -
      • Guerrilla Marketing($6,000 - $7,000)
      • Incentives and referral program for users to install application and follow our social media pages. ($4,000 - $ 6,000)
      • Miscellaneous marketing expenses ($2,000).
    2. Development ($28,000)
      • Sushi Token Swaps ($6,000).
      • Onsen yield farming ($9,000).
      • xSushi for staking($5,000).
      • Kashi for gaining interest ($8,000).
      • Testing, bug fixing, and making application robust.
    3. Misc. expenses ($7,000) -
      • UI designing for new components.
      • Website for Orange Wallet.
      • Buffer funds and misc. expenses

    Total Requested Grant - $50,000 ($SUSHI from Sushi treasury)