Planned Migration to

This forum has begun migration to our main domain:
We expect this process to take no more than a few hours at most - please be patient for any potential downtimes. The new forum link will be Thank you.

Additionally we will be consolidating our community interfaces in the following manner:

The Exchange Interface (formerly will become the primary interface to support the community’s latest development initiatives: multichain support, increased wallet support, bentobox dapps, and kashi lending. We will continue to add functionality to this interface such as a new portfolio page and updates to the yield farming page. will now redirect to and replace moving forward

The App interface (formerly will be slowly deprecated, but can be found at This interface will only support metamask moving forward.

The Classic interface (formerly will be found at There should be no reason to use this interface other than for nostalgia. New onnsen yield farms are no longer updated at this interface.


The many interfaces of sushi have always shown how vibrant, chaotic, and most of all collaborative this community has been. After many months of planning and collaboration we have begun to consolidate the best features from each interface into one holistic interface at The ethos and mission presented by such a diverse community has been to develop a comprehensive decentralized trading interface and we are rapidly reaching the appropriate feature set: swap, liquidity, yield farms, yield stacking, lending, borrowing, leverage, limit orders, gas relay, migration tools, etc.

While a little more than 6 months old, Sushi has generated $51.38b worth of volume, generated more than $800m of wealth for our LPs through vesting alone and much more through other initiatives. We thank the community for both continued collaboration and patience for the many things to come. A unified interface marks the beginning of incorporating many initiatives that are coming to fruition.

The consolidated interface supports 14 chains and a multitude of wallets. We’ve added a network switcher so users can simply import and change chains as they see fit (please note as of this time Metamask Desktop has the best and most seamless support for network switching). Additionally new users can import sushi and xsushi into their wallets by clicking the relevant icons.

Welcome any continued feedback and we will continuously iterate on this consolidated interface. There have been some feedback regarding yield farms we will incorporate as well as integrations prepared with TradingView charts to name a few upcoming secondary features. As for incoming primary features, always feel free to @ for a brief update and I will try my best to give a timely and helpful answer. Please also see the pinned for the many upcoming primary objectives planned.


Regarding old urls:
All previous interfaces and urls will gracefully redirect to All previously posted urls such as will gracefully redirect to SushiSwap Interface for example

Please note all other interfaces are considered deprecated. If you see someone quoting an older interface in #support or elsewhere please kindly correct them to use the following links:


Swap: SushiSwap Interface
Vesting: SushiSwap Interface
Bentobox: SushiSwap Interface
Kashi: SushiSwap Interface
Migrate from Uniswap: SushiSwap Interface
Yield Farms/Onsen: SushiSwap Interface
SushiBar/Staking Sushi: SushiSwap Interface
User Liquidity Pools: SushiSwap Interface
List/Create a pair: SushiSwap Interface

Registering for Onsen:

Older interfaces can still be found at: (formerly (formerly

Adding liquidity (two predefined tokens): SushiSwap Interface
Remove liquidity (two predefined tokens):
SushiSwap Interface
Swapping (two predefined tokens): SushiSwap Interface
Creating a new pair: SushiSwap Interface