POAPathon Proposal for Sponsorship and Prizes

Sushi Sponsorship for the POAPathon (Creative Hackathon) currently being planned by several protocols to be held in November, and leveraging the resources and reach of GitCoin.

POAP has been a major community engagement tool for Sushi since implementing them for the AMA’s and our Forum. The POAP craze has created a ton of interest and engagement, as it either provides a pleasant reminder, a thank you, clout, or the hope of value for holding them. We have also utilized them for the Sushi Birthday Pixel Parties. The second party utilized some of the other protocols POAPs to help increase paint per pixel speed. POAP also offers a Delivery system, so people can drop a POAP to addresses that have specified POAPs. This in turn can be utilized with their Raffle system, to reward participants to have and hold these POAPs. Additionally, we have the “I Voted POAP” feature implemented with our Snapshot, to help incentivise individuals to get out and Vote.

Through my journey with POAPs, I’ve encountered a ton of engagement and interaction with community members, and now more and more with other protocols. Several protocols in the cryptosphere are recognizing the impact that POAPs have, and the use cases that are becoming more and more interesting.

Sushi has worked closely with the POAP Team with understanding and implementing POAPs into our ecosystem. The introduction of MasterPOAPv2 into our Discord server has created a mechanism that prevents POAP farming abuse, and ensures those who attend our events are able to get their dedicated POAP in an easy, and seamless way.

A few protocols have joined together in the creation of the POAPathon. It’s slated for a 2nd weekend of November kick off, and is planned to run for ~2 weeks. Volatility, Balancer, Harvest, Qi, UMA, are some of the committed protocols that would be joining us. This is designed to be a creative hackathon (first of its type for GitCoin), and we are looking to raise enough capital from all the protocols to have funding to enter into an official GitCoin Hackathon. $20k is required to enter, and then get the benefits, aid, and exposure GitCoin offers.

With NFTs on the rise, NFT NYC, and Sushi’s Shoyu deployment, this is a fantastic time to engage artists for the creation and issuance of POAPs. As they are ERC-721’s on the XDAI chain (can be sent to mainnet), they are a great way to onboard people into the NFT world, and help them understand how NFT’s work. Having other Protocol communities involved is also a huge attraction driver, meanwhile helping to strengthen and inspire partnerships or collaborations.

The POAP Team has been working tirelessly to provide us this service, free of cost. I also think this is a great way to say Thank You and show our appreciation to them.

Below are some of the following Sponsorship tiers. As Sushi has been extremely engaged with POAPs, I would like to see us go for the Whale ($7,500) or Degen ($5,000) tier.

Please see the following link for more sponsorship information:

I suggest we offer it in USDC, and the funds will be sent to a multisig wallet, which I will ensure to be a part of as a steward of Sushi.

I have been engaged in the POAPathon community, and will continue to do so leading up to and during the event. I will also be looking to create campaigns to bring in some of the Sushi Communities best talent to participate in this. I will likely do a panel or talk on my journey with POAPs and perhaps the use of MAsterPOAPv2. I’ll likely help out with any type of Pixel Party that gets initiated.

I am sure by Sushi giving this their official stamp for involvement with a solid sponsorship, that we will inspire other protocols to get involved, and increase awareness and make this event a massive success not only this year, but for years to come.

→ Sushi exposure and spotlight, showcasing our community talents and branding. Engaging with other communities and protocols to strengthen ties.

→ Too high of a cost, not worth the effort.

Please select an option below:

  • Sushi Whale Sponsor $7,500
  • Sushi Degen Sponsor $5,000
  • POAPathon ngmi

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For further info on POAP:

Definite yes. Should go for the highest tire too.


I plan on putting my POAPs on my resume, so I would rather they are aesthetically pleasing. Public good funding is great press too.

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Thank you for the proposal Tangle and being active in the POAP community. I really think this is a big win for Sushi and great exposure for SHOYU as well. I think that the least we can do is support another great community that has helped us grow so much and I fully support the Whale Sponsorship.

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Definitely for supporting POAP at highest tier. Tbh I was looking for the “give more coz we like the POAPs!” semi-joke answer and I would’ve selected that. Sif POAPathon ngmi.

I think POAPs, and how we’ve been using them at Sushi for events etc. is really cool and I presume we have many plans to continue using them into the future - would be all for going the extra yard to cement the POAPxSushi collaboration.

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