(Poll) Menu of the Week - Week 44

As per the discussions, plus additional suggestions via Discord, here are the suggested pools for week 44. Please vote for up to 6 choices.

Note that at least 2 pools of the current menu will remain (the highest performing ones + eventually community’s favourite).

Menu of the Week [W44] - Initial suggestions
  • tBTC-ETH
  • wBTC-ETH
  • vBTC-wBTC
  • renBTC-ETH

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I voted for tBTC-ETH!

Why? it’s the worst wrapped version of BTC having tons of problems and tons of liquidations…


We need more love for the DOUGH-ETH pool. They are creating a new DEFI+D index and are looking to allocate 20% of it to SUSHI. Might create some nice future opportunities.


I voted DOUGH-ETH.

Looking forward to working together!


I voted FARM/ETH on the last vote. Not sure what the difference between the two is, but FARM is growing fast and it would be great to get a pool going on UNISWAP. There’s good pool to swap for eth right now so this fills a real gap.

Hi Folks,

I would like to propose adding SWRV/ETH.

What is Swerve Finance?

Swerve is a decentralised exchange liquidity pool on Ethereum designed for extremely efficient trading of soft-pegged and hard-pegged assets, such as stable-coins.

A crucial difference from its precursor Curve is the lack of any unfair token distribution. There’s no fake-out deployment, no questionable pre-mining, no founder controlling majority of the governance vote, no 30% allocation to shareholders, no team allocation, no decades long distribution, none of it.

Swerve’s swUSD pool currently offers some of the lowest slippage rates with the lowest gas footprint compared to its competitors owing to its gas optimisations.

The protocol has been audited by PeckShield and Cryptic Labs.


  • Community-owned and managed project, just like SushiSwap.
  • The liquidity is low on exchanges (incl. UNI and other DEXs) and major supporters are currently requesting an OTC gateway to facilitate larger trades. Being on SushiSwap would help us build liquidity for trades, and ensure all these larger holders rely on SushiSwap for their trades, assuming we can ramp up enough liquidity.
  • We currently do between $5M-$10M daily volume on stables, and have a meagre marketcap of just about $5M, and a TVL of $35M. Refer to http://swerve.defi.surf/ for stats.


  • Low TVL, but we believe it is really the volume and utilisation ratio that counts.
  • It’s a fork, and there’s negative sentiment against forks right now in the ecosystem.
  • Daily SWRV trade volume is around $3M, but this could change given new venues of liquidity.

Looking forward to opinions. Thanks!


I voted vBTC-wBTC they will blow up soon with rewards!

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I think we should stop changing full menu every week, impossible to keep up for people with busy lives - how about only 1 - 2 changes each week? Or replace the two with lowest liquidity?

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I’d be interested in tBTC-ETH! Seeing how well the tBTC-wBTC pool is doing this will be an interesting pool!

Voted tBTC/ETH! Go go go guys

I vote tBTC-ETH pairs. So far, the project has been going well and looks to be a promising way to enable trustless bitcoin on defi networks

voted for tBTC-ETH!
Keep community come on!

FARM/ETH imo is the most important one to add seeing as all the liquidity they have locked up

FARM/ETH plz! I really want to see where FARM goes.

I vote for FARM-ETH. FARM is my favorite token.

I voted for FARM/ETH, its incentivized pair is in USDC, so that would be a nice addition.

Let’s go FARM-ETH Pool!!!

FARM-ETH for the win!!!

Hello TBTC/ETH !!! Keep community !