Pool Rotation (Menu of the Week) [Week 42]


Discussion to decide on which pools to retain from current Menu of the Week, and which new pools should be included in the next.


Quick reminders:

  • Menu of the week is a rotational rewards system. The amplified rewards for the pools in the menu only last for a week and are meant to bring new liquidity providers and reward current liquidity providers for certain pairs.

  • The next Menu of the Week will feature:

  • Community’s Fav: The pool(s) most people wish to retain from the previous week.

  • Best performers: The top 1-2 pools measured by trade volume.

  • Chef’s Choice: A pool chosen by Maki, which can be used in partnership negotiations and the like.

  • 6 pools: proposed by the core team for community discussion. After the community has been sounded out for ideas and objections, a proposal is put up for voting.

Community’s Fav

  • wNXM-ETH
  • yUSD-ETH
  • wBTC-tBTC
  • Hegic-ETH

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Suggested pools (Tried to keep out tokens with farming programs)


POLS-ETH pool? Seems to be an active pair in UNI and we actually voted it last week with fine supports(16% ranked 9th)

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What about TOKEN/STABLE PAIRS? That would mitigate IL and maybe attract the massive amounts of stable coins locked in Uniswap

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One thing I think we need to try with the pool rotations is to do decaying rewards, so that the pools can stay up longer than a week. Liquidity unfortunately has pretty much dried up for the 1st week’s menu, and I think decaying rewards would be beneficial to keep liquidity around.


Also I think it makes sense to switch out LEND with AAVE and make it a permanent pool.


That’s a good point. How easy is it to implement?

What about xSushi/USDC :slight_smile: ? And making it permanent.

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Same process as now, just instead of setting allocPoint to 0 for old pools we’d just half it to 0.1 and then we could possibly keep halving it over whatever time period we want. Like example 4 week period -> 0.2 to 0.1 to 0.05 to 0.025 and then 0.

Nice. That would leave people time to arbitrate and move their liquidity to another pair if they want. I’m all for it :slight_smile:

100% for this, I believe it was put forward as a request originally but never got any legs underneath it. I think a 4 week timescale is very reasonable as an initial setting, to be extended or shortened upon further community discussion if need be.



Amp is the token used as collateral on the Flexa network (http://flexa.network). The token is staked by the community to wallet projects to secure digital payments at merchants. There are currently two projects (Gemini Pay and SPEDN) that have integrated the Flexa SDK to enable real-world spending at merchants like Nordstrom, Lowes, Gamestop, Petco, and Baskin Robbins (yum!).


Flexa is ranked #14 on DeFI Pulse with $145M locked, and #1 (90% dominance) in Payments.

(https://www.defipulse.com/flexa )

Current liquidity of AMP-ETH on Sushiswap is: ~$450,000 USD

AMP-ETH SLP contract: 0x15e86E6f65EF7EA1dbb72A5E51a07926fB1c82E3

*Note, Amp was formerly Flexacoin (FXC) but there was a 1:1 swap of the tokens earlier in the month due to an upgrade.


The Flexa community would be honored for Amp to be served as a delicacy item for the chef’s menu.


AMP-ETH is included in the menu of the week.


AMP-ETH is not included in the menu of the week.


Hope You’ll Consider VEGETA/ETH as well Chef

BNT could be interesting. It’s on the rise lately and has decent volume

Long time listener, first time caller. Joined the Sushi farms from Day 1 and traveled the great migration. Will do my part to stack :sushi: :sushi: :sushi: with AMP-ETH :ballot_box_with_check:

Tyler (Flexa co-founder)


hmm how about STORJ-ETH?

-Has about same daily trading volume as SNX and COMP at the moment
-No liquid pair on Uniswap
-Interest in it may revive with upcoming FileCoin launch as it’s similar
-reputable project

what d’you think @0xMaki?


I think this is a great one, I remember how popular the “storage coins” were popular at some point, I will open the official pool in 30min or so :slight_smile:


Why is there no xsushi?

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I would like to propose the vBTC/tBTC pool as a pool between two non-custodial tokenized Bitcoins (https://sushiswap.fi/pair/0xbcedc25cbb0ea44e03e41dc2d00d54fe6d4646db)

I’d like to propose ADX/ETH: https://sushiswap.vision/pair/0x9cbc2a6ab3f10edf7d71c9cf3b6bdb7ee5629550

AdEx is a decentralized ad network aiming to reduce ad fraud and protect the privacy of end users by eliminating tracking.

ADX is it’s staking token: in AdEx, each ad impression is a micropayment processed by validators, and those validators need to stake ADX or get ADX stakes delegated to them as a guarantee that they stay available.

ADX is listed on Binance, Huobi, Bittrex, Upbit and others.

There’s ADX liquidity on a number of AMMs as well, and the ADX-ETH pool on Sushiswap is there since the early days. In fact, there’s a passing community proposal to add ADX from early September: https://snapshot.page/#/sushi/proposal/QmURwf5RHeNxpbsXXYAarPG4uS6BeYDioHyiARqyX6qgER (votes not visible due to a token change)

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DPI could be an interesting one to look into too.