Pool Rotation (Menu of the Week) [Week 46]

Thread closed, visit the poll to cast your votes: (Poll) Menu of the Week [Week 46]

Now that our new menu is online, it’s time for us to choose the Menu of the Week for Week 46!

As per previous menu discussions

6 pools are allotted to the community vote (i.e popularity)
2 pools are the previous weeks highest performing pools on the exchange (in terms of trade volume)
1 pool is the community’s fav
1 pool is Maki’s choice, for use in business development (partnerships/sponsorships)

Practically, most weeks it will be 6 pools community’s choice, 4 pools representing the highest performing pools of the previous weekly menu.

Top performers of the previous week in terms of volume were CREAM-ETH and wNXM-ETH by a clear margin.

The best performing pools of the newly published menu will be included in the final voting thread, until then please contribute with your suggestions and thoughts in the thread. Any and all suggestions brought to light will be included in the final poll for the community to decide upon what to include.


Cream-Eth again please :smiley:

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Please keep Farm-Eth too!


Please GHST-ETH again, and new pool of KP3R-eth, NU(nucypher)-ETH, thanks.

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Anyone keen on adding wBTC-BULLUSD token which is FTX 3x Long Bitcoin token…


I think we should bring back the xSUSHI-USDC or xSUSHI-ETH pools, or open a xSUSHI-USDT one. It would be a good way to incentivize SUSHI staking while minimizing IL.

HEX-ETH: high volume on UNI



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I would like to see pairs of the combi token-ETH, or of the (same type) token-token. ‘token-ETH’ probably will give more volume, because it is more volatile. That said, my preferences are:
CEL-ETH might be a good candidate too

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Hopefully WBTC/ETH becomes a core pool. I think it is a must especially as uni promo rewards will end soon on that huge pool. We can adjust and find the sweet spot on weighting the pool once that happens and the pool grows. Until then, please keep it on the weekly.


Could be interesting to a stable pool as well: USDT/USDC

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Surf/eth would be good as they just ended their farming

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