Possibly Missing Funds in Liquidity Pool

I put money into a Matic/USDC pool in September and ignored it for a few months. It is possible i withdrew the funds and simply forgot, but now I can’t find any trace of the funds within Sushiswap. Please help me figure out what happened.

Longer explanation:
I put funds into a Matic/USDC pool in September and occasionally checked on it before letting my ADHD get the better of me and not checking on it for a couple months. I felt assured that it was sitting there doing its thing, collecting transaction fees but now that I have come back to look on it, I have no liquidity positions at all. I have checked on both the Ethereum and Matic networks within Sushiswap, but see nothing. I only have one wallet I would have used, so I cant be mixing up the wallet.

While I feel it is unlikely, I acknowledge that it is possible that I pulled the money out and transferred it elsewhere before forgetting that I did this. How can I go about confirming if the funds were removed from the pool?

If I pulled the funds out, I wouldn’t have done anything with the pool tokens, I should at least be able to find those, right?


Would be better to ask your questions on Sushiswap Discord server - SushiSwap Community , #support channel. Will get answers in no time.

Thanks for the advice. I will look into the discord as well.

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