Posting on Instagram should happen more

Hey everyone,

I noticed that the Instagram page hasn’t had a new post since October 2021.

I think Sushi has a great brand image, and probably the best design/artwork of any crypto project out there. So, it would be great if someone in charge of the Instagram page could update it at least once a week, but preferably every day, because some of Sushi’s best assets that make the project stand out are not being fully utilized.

Doesn’t have to be anything complex, and it could even just be screenshots of the Twitter updates, but something should be posted to the page occasionally. Otherwise, it gives off vibes of a dead project.

Sushi does a great job at updating us on the Twitter page of the all the new products and partnerships dropping (Shoyū, Trident, now Optimism, etc) but the vast majority of crypto buyers don’t really know anything about the advantages of all these because it’s so complex to figure out.

However, they do want to be part of something that could go viral and get bigger, and I think keeping up with the Instagram can help us to achieve that. It’s a good way to build exposure with new people who are less familiar with more complicated things like staking, liquidity pools, etc.