Problem Staking on Polygon

I’m new to SushiSwap and doing some farming. I successfully setup a TRU/WETH farm on Etherium Mainnet. I did the same steps on Polygon network for CRV/WETH and am not seeing anything in my deposits or in “Your Farms.” Strangely, I am seeing MATIC accrue under “your rewards” but not any SUSHI. Yet the dollar value of the MATIC I’ve accrued to the right is far higher than the value of said MATIC. I did two separate attempts to set this up on two separate days and still seeing no balances. Did I miss a step or metamask approval? (the network was slow when I did the first deposit and staking.) Advice on steps to remediate would be much appreciated!

Hi, make sure to use this rpc :

If you need more help, please join sushi discord and ask in support channel : SushiSwap Community