Problem with deposit in the farm

Hi I am a new farm. Yesterday I used eth and usdt this pair to add liquidity and successfully got SLP.However, I could not deposit in weth-usdt that pool though this show I have SLP. I tried several times to click the button of deposit but it had not any reactions.I use sushiswap lite this website, I don’t know what was wrong since the tutorials docs didn’t update. I also check the main website for sushiswap it show I have weth-usdt liquidity position but I am not a farm. I also don’t know how deposit in that main website it just show add liquidity without deposit button.@OmakaseBar @0xMaki

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If you have already deposited liquidity, you need to approve staking on your SLP tokens.

  1. Click the option that says approve staking.
  2. Approve transaction on MetaMask popup.
  3. Once approved, you’ll see an option that says “Stake.” Click this option.
  4. You get another MetaMask popup to approve transaction to stake. Confirm and you’ll be staking your LP tokens for SUSHI rewards!