Problems with yveCRV pools?

If you look at the amount of yveCRV locked in the swap you can clearly see that people are pulling out their yveCRV on Thursdays when the reward is allocated. I noticed this an bought 100,000 yveCRV to test a hypothesis. Will update after rewards have been distributed.

Should be a big profit out of it

I’ve done some calculations and I’m guessing it’s around $3,000 but I’m not sure. Will post results later.

Been up two days now waiting for the distribution but it’s not coming it seems. I exited my position with a small profit at least…

The point was that since holding yveCRV entitles you to fee rewards from the Curve dapp these get lost in the WETH/yveCRV-DAO pool.

Can nothing be done about this? Hundreds of thousands of dollars are lost in this contract every Thursday.