Project Galaxy - Help Sushi to build the first NFT-based Loyalty System!

Hey guys! This is Lego from Project Galaxy. Project Galaxy is a NaaS (NFT-as-a-service) infrastructure that empowers communities with gamified loyalty systems. We believe that community management is key to decentralized organizations. While projects like Aragon and DoraFactory are building to become the infrastructure for managing DAO, none of them are utilizing the power of NFT. We are here to fix that! After talking with 0xMaki and Ayoki, we want to share our plan here with all of you.

Our Motivation

  1. All communities need a suite of tools like CRM to identify its long-term contributors and manage member relationships. This is especially true for DAO and NFT is a perfect medium for this.
  2. Traditional crypto marketing campaigns like airdrop don’t help much with user retention and engagement.
  3. Project Galaxy is co-founded by the Alpaca City team. Within less than 6 months, Alpaca City attracted more than 30K unique players on chain, and a total of $1.63 Million dollar worth of $ALPA was burned for breeding to get better Alpaca NFTs. The experiment in Alpaca City demonstrated how communities can leverage the power of NFT and gamification to increase the utility of the governance token and willingness to participate in the community.

How does Project Galaxy work:

Galaxy Protocol contains plug-and-play modules that allow communities to create customized NFT-powered campaigns based on their needs. With our V1 launch, we recommend three campaign templates for SushiSwap to kick off NFT journey:

Drop Campaign

This is to utilize NFT as a better form of reward to community contributors.

  1. SushiSwap can issue NFTs as rewards to a group of community contributors who complete a certain task.
  2. Specific NFT can be claimed by eligible participants or NFTs can be issued using Mystery Box, a gamified module where each participant draws from the box to get random NFT from the set.
  3. Each NFT can be backed by ERC-20 tokens. If so, NFT holders can redeem the underlying asset after a pre-defined period by burning the NFT.

Staking Campaign - See last section for case study

This is to promote staking or protocol usage.

  1. The requirement to participate in the campaign is to stake in an ERC-20 token set by the SushiSwap team. The token can be $SUSHI, $xSUSHI, or any protocol-related token such as SLP to promote protocol usage.
  2. You can let eligible participants choose specific NFT or NFTs can be issued using Mystery Box.
  3. The staking amount can be pre-defined by the project team with a lower and an upper bound. The probability for participants to get NFT with a higher level of rarity from the Mystery Box increases at a decreasing rate as participants stake more.
  4. If the NFT is asset-backed, the NFT holder can redeem the underlying asset after a pre-defined period by burning the NFT.

Forging Campaign - See last section for case study

This is for communities who want to increase engagement and retention utilizing NFTs that are already issued to community members

  1. With forging campaigns, existing NFT holders can forge different NFTs into ones with a higher level of rarity.
  2. The forging process is partially by luck. Forging NFTs with a high level of rarity will get you a better chance to receive NFTs that are rarer.
  3. When forging two asset-backed NFTs, those NFTs will be burned and the underlying assets will be used to back the newly forged NFT.

Benefits for SushiSwap

  1. Stronger Branding through the issuance of customized NFTs
  2. Better form of rewards that inspires community members’ ownership
  3. Create something fun to increase community engagement and retention
  4. Promote staking and protocol usage
  5. Identify long-term contributors

SushiSwap Campaign Ideas

After discussion with 0xMaki and Ayoki, we are currently designing a series of campaigns for all of you to have a chance to become the world’s best Itame :man_cook: :woman_cook: and build your 3-Star Michelin Sushi Shop! This includes:

  1. A Drop Campaign that reward SushiSwap community contributors(governance participants, Discord & Forum active members, etc) with customized Sushi Chef NFT.
  2. A Drop Campaign that reward SushiSwap liquidity providers with customized cooking tool/seasoning NFTs.
  3. A Staking Campaign for $xSushi holders to stake in and mint random Sushi dishes.
  4. A Forge Campaign for NFT holders to “mix” different type of NFTs and build your own Sushi Shop NFT.

We are open to any suggestions that can make this more fun/more beneficial for Sushi commmunity.

Partnership Roadmap

We will be launching Galaxy V1 and the first set of Sushi NFT campaigns this April. While we gather initial feedback from community members through these campaigns, we will be preparing for the next set of SushiSwap campaigns that aiming to reward community members that contributed to different parts of the Sushi ecosystem. In the long run, we expect more community members can be more directly invovled in the process of campaign/design creation. We are really excited to work along side with Sushi community on this. Please don’t hesitate to comment under this post or contact me at Lego#9730 on Discord. Looking forward to hearing your feedback!

Case Study

An upcoming partnership with another notable project but we cannot disclose their name yet. They will launch two campaigns:

Build Your Mining Rig(Part 1 - Staking Campaign):

Who is eligible: Everyone
Participation Method: Staking
Staking requirement: 10-200 tokens
Participants will receive one of the following NFT

            Motherboard                               GPU                                      Frame

                 Cooling                                    CPU                                    Power

Build Your Mining Rig(Part 2 - Forging Campaign):

Who is eligible: Everyone
Requirements to forge: Stake 100 token
NFTs collected from campaign part-1 will be able to forge into one of the three mining rig


I like the idea and I think it fits in with Sushi’s ethos of rewarding and incentivizing the community. Will take some time to think through the 2nd order effects but it seems like a good idea

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I like the idea of NFT’s for Community involvement! I don’t know how much I like the idea of trying to gamify it though. Could we just tie NFT’s to the awards that we get by using this forum/Discord?

There’s already a simple Leveling up system here, if we could just automate NFT’s based on the achievements from contributing here I think that’d be great!

This could dovetail nicely with the Natto proposal being worked on as well.

Agreed. Gamification, if not done really well, can be really off-putting

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This looks like a pretty solid idea and a good way to reward the community! For the concern with gamification, I think it could be a possibility to make it more engaging and fun for the community (but agree that it should be done well).

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Lets do this, we need Sushi merch’s too.

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We are joining the community call today. Feel free to ask any questions you want during the call. :grin: