Proposal: A more accessible "SushiSwap 101" type of guide - I will write it


As SushiSwap and DeFi in general becomes more and more mainstream, people new to crypto are going to come here in droves. Currently, there is no good introductory guide to SushiSwap - sure, we have the docs, but that is geared to more technical users. Someone who is new to crypto will have no idea what he/she is reading about, and is likely to get driven away by the complexity. Our current guides seem more like hastily written blurbs.

Take the first paragraph of the docs, for example: “SushiSwap is an automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) currently on the Ethereum blockchain. We are soon expanding our offerings with the BentoBox lending platform.” Most people will read that, think “what the hell is automated market making and decentralization?” and probably decide it’s too technical for them to safely get into. It also doesn’t do a great job explaining concepts like liquidity pools. Most of the people who I’ve talked to have no idea what liquidity even means!

I’d like the opportunity to write some kind of “new user guide” for SushiSwap. I have years of experience in education, including tutoring for the SAT, creating educational training and press releases for various corporations, and am also a freelance writer on the side. Breaking down complex subjects into easily digestible bites (like sushi) is my specialty. I love SushiSwap and am willing to dedicate a lot of my time to helping the community.

Here’s the current extremely rough draft (I have a full time job):

If we want to increase SushiSwaps accessibility and userbase, it’s crucial that we have an easy to understand introductory guide.


Currently, I’m creating a basic guide using the Gitbooks format, since it’s clean and familiar to most users. I could also make it into its own website so that it’s more interactive, but that would be more difficult and take more time to complete, and would likely need some artists to work with me.

To make it more enjoyable to read, I’m designing it around the concept of a restaurant menu - not only is that in line with SushiSwap’s current themes, it also keeps things light and relatable. I’m using the pseudonym “Sashimi Nakamoto” right now, but all these details can be changed depending on community preference.

Learning objectives are named after dishes - for example, the “appetizers” are things like “Deep Fried DeFi,” “Ether Edamame”, and “Blockchain Biscuits.” Those are appetizers because they are the basics people might want to understand before they jump into SushiSwap.


As I discussed before, the current SushiSwap docs leave a lot to be desired for new users. Many people new to both crypto and DeFi will not be able to understand concepts like Liquidity Pooling and Yield Farming, even if the current guides do a decent job at teaching you how to do those things - people want to know why they should, and what it really means in the first place.

A huge percentage of first time users will click on an “about” page, “FAQs”, or whatever help guide they find on a website. We need to give them the best experience possible if we want to grow this platform and outdo competitors.

I know we currently have Miya as a community manager, and I think she’s been doing a great job, but from the looks of things we need some extra hands on deck. Currently it seems like she is splitting her time between both the English and Chinese community, and also having to oversee all social media and writing, and that’s probably not sustainable. Let me help!

I’ve already started putting together some basic stuff to showcase what I’d want to do. You can see the current rough draft here (obviously this is a work-in-progress and isn’t final):

Currently, only appetizers are done because I have a full-time job and am doing this as a hobby on the side. I won’t demand compensation, but if the community would donate some Sushi to the cause I could dedicate a lot more of my time to it. I could also expand to writing Medium articles and even online courses, YouTube videos, or educational streams, as I’ve done each of those in professional settings before.

I don’t know what compensation would make sense, maybe that’s something we can discuss here? Or a team member can get it touch with me - I’m extremely passionate about this project and am willing to contribute to the team and community in whatever way possible. I’m confident I can do a lot of work to expand our reach and accessibility.


If the community wants it, I will continue working on and perfecting my guide, and potentially work on other projects as well. I don’t want to specify how much compensation I want because I don’t want to come off as greedy. Honestly, I would volunteer my time for free, but it’s been a busy time and it would take me a lot longer.

Also, Uniswap doesn’t have a very accessible intro guide either. Their page is full of corporate jargon and hype, which isn’t good at drawing the average user in. SushiSwap’s niche and biggest draw is our friendly, democratic nature. We need to lean into that to continue outperforming the competition.


If you guys think this is a waste of time and funding, that’s fine with me. But I really believe this is something we need ASAP. Link the current docs and guides to someone who doesn’t know much about crypto and gauge their response - I’ll bet you that they will be pretty confused.


Do we need a better introductory guide?
  • Yes - and you should get some small compensation for it
  • Yes - but do it for free you greedy bastard
  • No - it’s a waste of time and energy

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as a new crypto user and investor, i believe this would be welcomed with open arms. i have decent investing experience outside of crypto which has helped only slightly when beginning this adventure. it is like learning a new language, quite honestly, haha

some sort of comprehensive beginner’s guide would be a benefit to potential new community members and to the overall community.


We need to popularize the Sushi project for more people. This will only make our project better and stronger. Your idea is great!


Great idea, i suggest you just get started, and if you deliver a finished product, i am pretty sure the dev team and/or community will reward you retroaktive:)

While I like the idea I don’t like the result
I can’t see how it could be better than current docs…we should just update them once in a while
:wave: Welcome to SushiSwap - SushiSwap

imo this is a waste of energy because normies won’t pay double-digits fees for swaps, and btw you’re not really a normie or a newcomer if you dive deep enough into ETH to discover sushiswap
in my opinion if we want to bait normies we should go for a beautiful landing page, not a wiki

but maybe I’m wrong and what you’re doing has huge potential, I don’t know
just do it in your spare time and let’s look at the final results

This is an interesting idea. I’m all about educating the community and making the AMM model more fathomable.

My take on this is that we should keep the docs, but revamp them a bit (mostly top-level rewriting and updating). We have video tutorials coming up as well (we are waiting for the finalized UI to ship).

I think the “beginner” content should be a satellite of what’s currently existing, in a Binance Academy kind of way.

We have a bunch of community members willing to contribute to SushiSwap content ecosystem. I think it’s time we round them up and start rationalizing all this (it was one the items of my hiring proposal BTW).

Feel free to reach out to me on Discord so we can discuss that further.

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Well I’ve been around crypto for a couple of years and “SushiSwap is an automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) currently on the Ethereum blockchain. We are soon expanding our offerings with the BentoBox lending platform.” might as well be Klingon to me.

I believe technical documentation should obviously be maintained, but not putting enough attention into all the crypto newcomers recently and in the future will most likely prove as a costly and unnecessarily bad business decision.

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My name is Sashimi Nakamoto, and today I’m going to be serving you a full course meal on SushiSwap and the wondrous world of decentralized finance!

“What’s that? Your GameStop stock is rising in price and your earning money? Nope, not anymore! Nobody is allowed to buy GameStop anymore, because we said so.” -Robinhood

I find this sketchy and unnecessary.

In my opinion a single well-thought video tutorial (maybe on a noob-friendly landing page) would be 100 times better than every doc or wiki we could ever write.
Aiming for mainstream adoption is fine but you’re trying to solve a problem bigger than sushiswap itself…in other words your target is too broad.
Don’t you think it’s easier to target crypto-wise people (which don’t know about sushi yet) instead of targeting newbies who only want to dump their stimulus package on dogecoin?

TLDR: our target should be the people who dump their $ in whitepapers (tezos,cardano etc), not the nocoiners


Didnt read the proposal in full - I agree this description does not help either. Yea, a video and a noob-friendly landing page is the way to go.

I agree for the target as well, but we can have more than one target is what I’m aiming at.

Thanks for the responses everyone. In regards to target audience, I don’t think I’d only be targeting complete newbies. But I also don’t see how that would be a bad thing. Everyone’s new to this at some point, and when new users come the whales will follow.

But like I said everything is still totally subject to change, what I wrote so far was just a quick draft to gauge interest and see what you all thought. I’m not trying to “bait” new users, but I do think we should try to welcome them.

@Pedrowww I’ll message you on discord later if I have time, I’m happy to discuss any of this. Also glad to hear you’ve got videos on the way! And yeah I didn’t intend to replace the current docs - they are good at being brief overviews for more technical users.

Something like binance academy would be ideal. I only used the gitbook format because it was quick and familiar, we could definitely transform it into a more robust knowledge base with better UI pretty easily.