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ser, ladies & they

This proposal is to reward early contributors & start the discussion about hiring core contributors to the SushiSwap restaurant.

As you might know we had a lot of success and lots of problems.

I think it is time to reward the ones who stayed with us, implicated themselves and produced some work for the benefits of all here.

Here is a list of some key persons I believe should be rewarded from the community upfront without any strings for what they already accomplished and helped.

The amount varies for the role they played (some devs already paid upwards of 5 ETH to deploy some smart contracts to help us all)

PS : All the person listed here should be accepting the reward by replying to this post or will not be considered for it.

PPS : If not listed feel free to nominate yourself !

Community management - Non-technical duties - Graphics - UI - Marketing

3 - 5 ETH reward (pending community discussion in the forum)

  • SillyTuna (early member who helped tremendously)
  • Scott_lewis (first proposal + helped a lot)
  • Wendel (support / moderator)
  • aeto (support / moderator)
  • chopchop (moderator + twitter advocate)
  • hmazawi (comms + marketing / moderator)
  • toast.eth ( moderator + twitter advocate)
  • joejoeadams (moderator + discord booster)
  • zes (moderator + Chinese community moderator oversee many WeChats)
  • AdamSC1 (moderator/support + creator of sushidocs)
  • xTal ( bijutsu )
  • Theo ( bijutsu )
  • Cybersage ( bijutsu )
  • skark ( bijutsu )
  • williamdu ( bijutsu )
  • Quentin
  • Kendrick Tan
  • Martin Krung
  • More

Devs - Exceptional contributors 7 ETH to 15 ETH

  • ctrl
  • BoringCrypto
  • OmakaseBar
  • JiroOno
  • chefNomi
  • More

Amount to be decided by community.

Reward Payout :money_with_wings:
ETH or Stablecoins + a part in vested SUSHI ?

These rewards are a one time expense to showcase how we value people taking action in the community. Some of these persons have been missing sleep - helped countless people - grow the number of guests our restaurant had - stayed when the worse happened.

Treasury :unicorn:

Payout should be paid + all wages from the UNI tokens we received from the airdrop this way no sell pressure will be caused on the SUSHI price or directly from SUSHI treasury.

Current value of the UNI treasury : 1283.7270068 ETH - 496 490 USD at current prices

We should be securing 3 months of wages at a time or the entire amount if possible to limit price volatility.

Full time Contributors :sushi:

It is one thing to pay contributors but what we really need to help push the vision forward is to have some real team dedicated to help us reach the next steps in a full time manner.

Without any of the roles listed below we will sadly not be in a position to stay relevant in the current landscape which is hyper competitive with teams funded by millions of dollar in VC money. We will expand the roles as we expand but for now it is safe to assume this is the minimum

smart contract developers
front end developers
graphic designer
technical writer

We should strive to have a minimum of 3 developers and 2 front end to help us built the next iteration of SushiSwap which is going to include some new features from this list and potentially a whole new codebase…?

Condition & Salaries :
They should be decided by the community, we aim to give the people joining full time above market rates if possible with the salary being streamed via in case any accidents or work stopping by the person hired. This also ensure that contributors aren’t tied to the project if they would rather leave after some duties are completed.

All salaries will be payed in stablecoins + a portion in SUSHI vested.

Candidates can decide to have a lower USD compensation for a higher SUSHI amount.

Napkin maths :

5 developers : 120k-75k USD + SUSHI
1 Graphic designer : 40k-60k USD + SUSHI
1 Lead Community Manager - PM : 70k-80k USD + SUSHI
multiples Moderators - Marketing/Comms : 1000 SUSHI per month
multiples Translators : 100-1000 SUSHI per Translation
Technical Documentation : 100-1000 SUSHI per Submission

Total of : 500k - 750k per year (subject to change don’t go crazy)

I will do a brief description for each position to set the expectations of everyone.

5 developers this include :hammer_and_wrench:

  • 1 lead developer (CTO level)
  • 2 solidity Smart Contract developers
  • 2 Frontend or Fullstack developers

1 Graphic designer :art:

  • Sushi will be able to achieve a dominant position in the landscape if we are able to develop stunning UIs (Yes there should be multiples!)

1 Lead Community Manager - PM :man_technologist: :woman_technologist:

  • This isn’t just someone that will help the moderators he should also attend the community Zoom calls
  • Support the daily Ops
  • Way more :innocent:

Multiples Moderators/Translators/Technical Documentation/Multiple Marketing/Comms :superhero: :woman_superhero:

  • This shouldn’t be considered as a full time engagement but part time with people attending the discord/forum/wechat with a minimum set of hours. We will adjust the number of mods needed as we see fit.

  • Translators & Technical writers should be rewarded in a pay per engagement.

All of these roles could potentially be replaced by a grant that we divide among multiple people too if the community believe we have more than 1 potential hire for a set of role e.g instead of hiring one designer we could use 60k dedicated for graphic designers among the community and have multiple contributors contribute to a set of engagement. This can also apply to engineers !

I believe we need a very specific type of fulltime “core” contributors but the rest could be remunerated in form of grants with our discretionary decisions (like what Nomi pioneered if the price is fair and the work is done based on what we asked we award the $ if amount too high community votes)

Location :earth_asia:

Remote !

We do have an offer to have some offices without any charges by a generous supporter in Beijing
(I will myself Maki relocate there so I can be closer to our Chinese community which is exploding on WeChat)

This cover already a lot I would love to hear your thoughts on it & EXPAND on it.

I didn’t put names in the “core” roles because I don’t want anyone to be pressured but I’d love to invite a few person to join the project as core.

If they refuse and would rather stay regular contributors they should be applying for a grant for their efforts.

(Grant process to be announced and clearly standardized this week)

I’d like to nominate :

ctrl as Lead Community Manager - PM

BoringCrypto, JiroOno, Zippo, OmakaseBar, ChefNomi (he won’t accept it but deserve to be in the list!) as developers

( I didn’t forget about the other contributors and believe you should all apply for the roles/grants!
glu, orange, min and more )

I can’t decide for front-ends + Designer and believe we should rewards multiple group-individuals on this side !

( in my honest opinion all of the Bijutsu interested should apply or divide the amount of money and work all together in a part-time manner ! )

Moderators - Translators - Technical Documentation should be able to stand up by themselves.
Wakiitas, any dedicated community member in the discord raise UP ! :slight_smile:

As always to end things right : tfars iuyt balitd

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I wanted to point out I am french so I apologize for the errors :smiley:
I believe we should have this up and running for Monday at the latest


This is great @0xMaki

What’s the timeline to review this proposal so we have adequate time to read carefully? I.e. Can we review carefully this weekend, next week? Or too late?

That’s great @0xMaki ! Count me in for translations into French (I’m bilingual). It’s my job IRL. I can also do editing/copywriting in English if need be (I’ve worked with a ton of major brands). I also reached out to one of my super talented designer friends. How can he apply if interested?

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Sounds great, and i agree with about everything you pointed out.

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To be honest, I think we should at least explain why we are rewarding these people.
I mean, the only mod I actually saw in our Discord is @ctrl but I didn’t have the pleasure to talk with the others, so why are we rewarding them?
I came late so I can’t know if they were early contributors or what, but if we want to reward people I think we should AT LEAST know why we’re rewarding them.
So please who came earlier than me should describe carefully what these guys did to deserve a payment from the community, and if they spent their own money for the project I’d like to know how much money they spent and for what.


I think we should try to come up with offers during the weekend if possible ?

Some people might not be able to leave at a second notice like me so we might need to wait 1-2 weeks before they can be fully operational it depends on the team members honestly.


I haven’t heard of many of these people at all. How much did each person do? And what is bijutsu? Graphics?

RE napkin maths:
1000 Sushi for a translation? What is “one” translation? A white paper? A paragraph? An entire site? Etc.

Finally, why are we trying to pin down how many people to hire and what to pay before we’ve ever decided on the road map? The “salary” idea seems premature until that’s nailed down.

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sounds great ! @0xMaki, thank u for everything you do for community。 I am a front end developer with 4 years workage in china. familiar with React and vue。 I’d like to know what kind of front end developer
community want? i want to join you, work together to built better sushi!


Proposal sounds great and I’m on board with all suggestions!!

Yeah, I’m with you.
I don’t know most of these people and I don’t know what they did so I can’t tell if they should be rewarded or not.
Bijutsu is a rank on our Discord but to be honest I don’t know what they did or what they’re doing.
Guess all of them were early contributors but I came late.
Still, we need to know what they did before rewarding them.

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Query, are these positions only open to those listed as early contributers? Or are they open for application to anyone who happens to see it, and if so how do they contact you for application?

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We also have a very active Telegram channel that deserve some attention,they have been doing a great job through all of this and members are rising by the day. currentley at 3304 Members


Idea is great and we shouldn’t waste time. IMO, @ctrl should be rewarded much more. He spend tones of hours helping people, it was very important during this bloodbath, so lot of people stayed with community.


Just post here with discord username and what you added to SushiSwap, I pretty much know everyone that was involved since day 1 in a role that pushed the project forward and can vouch for it.

It is open to anyone

Sounds good to me @0xMaki.

That said though, I would maybe combine Graphics Designer with a Marketing role, to make one role. Me and Chester LaCroix #6666, the fantastic illustrator that should 100% be nominated for this, was talking and found that the two roles really do overlap a great deal and go hand in hand.

Being able to create the art direction and match it up perfectly with a marketing strategy to build presence and growth is very powerful. I would mention though, it is a fair amount more work and would make sense for at least two or more people to handle the role. :wink:

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@0xMaki I would also mention a shout out to Vespasian #8873 on discord, he has been fantastic on most of the channels helping people out and pushing forward discussion within governance. Overall, being a solid pillar for the community and has made it clear wants to be a part of WAKIITA.

Last note I agree that Chef Nomi needs to be reward, not all people would of did what he did and bring all the money back.


I agree @ctrl has been doing god’s work in the discord and should be rewarded for it. As for the others, they kinda vanished lately. The community needs key figures, both for morale and information sharing. Maybe the proposal should include a little grant for the “unofficial CM” that dedicate their time to support the core team of CM. That’s only fair.


The telegram admin do good job helping.


Happy to take care of the discord part time as well (1-3 hrs a day)

  1. No full salaries, definitely not US salaries, half paid in SUSHI vesting over 1-3 years, like any normal company. Need to be lean w/ money.

  2. One of the first hires should be lead dev experienced in hiring. Maki is great, but could prob use help. Accountant too, definately not full time.

  3. We should hang on to the UNI IMO- gives governance over UNI. Could appreciate, could provide income.