The future of finance is an edible. Although this time it’s not a fruit; it’s great food. Sushi.
apple[.]com for amazing hardware
sushi[.]com for amazing finance


Purchase, which is currently available for sale for $1.9M USD


It’s time to take community-led finance to mainstream with a world-class domain.


sushi[.]com is purchased and used as main domain for sushiswap[.]fi


sushi[.]com is not purchased. Business as usual.


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Out of curiosity, are you the owner of the domain in question? :slight_smile:

Buying this domain could be a nice gesture to commemorate $sushi once it reaches $10. Not earlier.

Unfortunately I’m not the domain owner :slightly_frowning_face:

I think it’d be cool as hell if we were on

Votes seem to suggest otherwise though :sweat_smile:

I’m afraid it would result into a lot of hungry civilians landing on the website searching for food and finding esoteric money practices. :laughing:

Alright. This is just stretching it… Nothing to see here lol…

We have considered, but haven’t been able to get in contact. I’ve seen listed for sale in several places at several price points, but have also been unable to reach out. Anyway, is too expensive, we can’t get at the moment, but we have acquired and will be moving everything over to that soon :smiley: While it’s not my favorite, it’s good/professional/serious/real enough (which wasn’t in my opinion)


Very cool, and agreed. is much better than would be fantastic as well in the future, should we be able to acquire it

I love sushiswap name, I would not change it even if it was free.

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Sushi(dot)com would be very professional and also retain resale value that would appreciate over time. The value will undoubtably increase over time and you only have a price without even negotiating.

While I agree that is a good start, eventually traffic will start leaking to sushifinance(dot)com, also sushiswap(dot)com? There is no such doubt with and the amount of PR from the purchase would also create an interesting effect that could be harnessed and used as positive.

One major point I’d like to highlight is the fractionation of so many different domains in use and that this doesn’t look professional and is confusing to new and even more experienced users. The flow should be seamless and all domains and associated products should be consolidated onto one domain with all associated names 301 redirected to keep Google in check and traffic moving as usual. Really need to get all the associated brands and extensions, including .com all consolidated and redirecting neatly to catch all traffic, likely the horse has bolted here somewhat.

Anyway, these are my pet peeves, the simple things that are complex in their simplicity and send huge messages about brand and intention. If (when) SushiSwap gets to $10, I’d strongly consider taking a professional approach to something many overlook. Nobody will ever forget sushi(dot)com and the daily traffic will convert more users and make inroads over time with the gain of ranking for sushi in Google!

Also is the branding ‘Sushi Finance’ or ‘Sushi Swap’?

The devil is in the details.

There are much better uses of $1.9M than acquiring this domain. While it may increase web traffic generally, I don’t believe we’d be meaningfully growing the Sushiswap userbase with people that accidentally come to the site.


I also think that this amount of money is best used for other purposes.

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I completely agree that we could use the funds for better use cases like hiring top talent to build SushiSwap rather than flexing sushi (dot) com as the protocol’s domain.

So what if we have a bad ass web domain name? The cool factor fades quickly and everything will go back to normal.

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Would prefer or

I think Sushi.Fi would be preferable to the .com

This is an ill advised use of a large sum. There are far better uses for the 1.9 million dollars, with far better ROI.

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LMAO excellent


I think this scheme can improve the popularity of sushi. Now the price of sushi is not as good as Uni

I’m very impressed with Future Fund and very glad this happened. Domains are digital assets after all and most of the main large brokers also use crypto. Some of the domainers picked up on this and spread some PR and links to get ranking faster in Google. This starts a complete cycle that will be underestimated in its network effects.

congrats on this. It may seem small but in the long run this is big brain move

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