Proposal to bring in Shipyard to help the Sushi team

By Richard Ma (Quantstamp)


Given the current situation with Sushi, it would be a good idea to have more hands on deck to handle a lot of engineering, pm, and organization tasks around Sushi.

I’m friends with the founders of Shipyard Software/Clipper, Abe Othman and Mark Lurie, and we think there’s a way that Shipyard can help Sushi at this critical time.

The founders of Shipyard are open to bringing their team and know-how and can step up to both help the community iron out the situation and provide the engineering team members to help Sushi with shipping their roadmap.

It could be a good idea to bring in a set of experienced founders who are outside of the immediate internal situation which is happening, and just focused on helping to organize things and resuming the building.

We worked with the shipyard guys, and I can vouch for the quality of their work. Mark is an experienced serial entrepreneur and ex-FJ Labs/Bessemer/Harvard HBS, and Abe is a published researcher on AMM design and ex-AngelList/PhD at CMU CS. They have have been in the trenches in startups and can help be part of the glue for Sushi to keep going strong.

Action item

The suggestion is to have a call with stakeholders of both teams, and see if the teams get along well, and see we can reach a deeper collaboration that benefits the sushi community. The exact format, whether this is a temporary integration of the teams, or a merger, or something else, can be discussed by the two teams. If it seems like a good fit, then the teams and community can take it from there.


Yes, this call must happen. Maybe at a slightly later stage for when the interim leadeerhsip team is defined.


Hi, thanks for posting, I have a few quick questions

  1. Would you be able to provide research on pair incentivization and whether it should be delegated to more specialized protocols? (Such as Tokemak)

    • Building on this, would you also be able to provide research for cross-chain incentivization?
  2. Shipyard currently has an AMM product shipped, but given the developing world of ZK-Rollup tech, would you also be able to provide support for a potential Central Limit Order Book implementation for Sushi (similar to dy/dx)

  3. Would you be able to give a rundown of your management/development experience in more detail, regarding industries worked in, products shipped etc.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I wonder how much compensation would they want for their help :thinking:
Such proposals should always carry a price tag.

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Richard, thanks for the very kind words and for your proposal.

We believe Sushi needs to reestablish credibility with a comprehensive third party audit. We’ve posted a new proposal in the forum, and would appreciate you review it and vote there.


I would say, I will pretty support as Clipper has strong advantage of AMM, and I am a part of their community as well.

Hope we could gather together and be stronger