Proposal to conduct a token swap with MaskDAO

Mask is a super cool permitless social network. I think it is very decentralized. In fact, it is very similar to sushi community.

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Love how this looks! Let’s go on and have long term cooperation :slight_smile:

Mask has been building slowly but steadily and has a lot to offer for web3 proponents. While it may look skewed in terms of benefits for Mask, there are several releases planned which will slowly but surely even the scales for both projects.

I think swaps are very important for many aspects:

  • financial, for treasury diversification
  • social, building bridges between community
  • protection, to create a friendly wall between the token and the speculation is growing day by day and building strong and decentralized solutions that will help the ecosystem

Both in the thread and in the Sushiswap call I remember Maki specifically not giving an opinion on the OHM treasury swap.

The OHM swap helps much more in terms of treasury diversification since their token is backed by a multitude of assets. There was also talk in the call about locking liquidity with OHM. I don’t feel the comparison or your highlighting of the details are fair representations even if some of the stats are true.

Also, every time we have an outside platform suggest some sort of partnership or symbiotic relationship we get flooded with new members to the forum. I think that the poll approval rating is not necessarily a good proxy of the general community’s outlook.


Oh I wasnt on the ohm call and turns out Maki’s comment is no longer there in the ohm post.

Yes I was drawing comparison as Olympus was the first one to start an token swap proposal here and looks like we are the second. But this is definitely not 1-to-1 comparison in that Mask as a project is a lot different.

We provide consumer facing product integration that no other projects can provide. Mask allows any social network users the ability to use sushi products without leaving the site in a decentralized manner. The experience is seamless as quite a few of the sushi community members have tried.

More than 100 people claimed red packet (live giveaway) via Mask browser extension during the Mask AMA here last month. In the follow on campaign, more than 150 users used Sushi via Mask as well for trades. We are also going to integrate Shoyu at launch so that people can not only trade tokens without leaving Twitter, but also NFTs, and demo them inside Twitter too.

The core idea is that Mask is unique and provide great synergy to Sushi product line so that it’s worth it to do the swap. Hope the community can feel the same. Try to use Mask browser extension if you haven’t done so already.

As a Sushi token holder, I really like this proposal as social aspects in DeFi will only become stronger going forward. I feel Mask is one of the leaders in bridging socials and DeFi so a perfect fit.

SocialFi is hot, #MASK is doing good on Twitter , e.g. NFT to real instead of JPG.
very bright future for #MASK.

Hi I guess I need to throw in a few more stats

According to Coingecko stats, in the past 30 days, Mask has an average volume of ~ $200 million and median volume of ~$100 mil. We are on almost all major exchanges, Coinbase, Binance,, Huobi, Okex, WazirX etc.

As for Dex liquidity, we do only have >$2 mil on sushi, we also have $2 mil on uniswap, $8 mil on pancake and $1.4 mil on quick. So guess that covers most major dexs as well.

Also I thought I put in vesting before but guess I haven’t in the proposal. The vesting schedule I’m thinking about is a mutual 12 month lockup, we are willing to go longer as a gesture for long term relationship.

Hope this answers your concern.

I would still prefer to stress more on the product synergy as explained here. Or this link for a quick gif demo from Sushi Samurai (>300 likes) that shows how you can use sushiswap via Mask to complete a trade without leaving Twitter. IMHO The product synergy should be a more important factor to consider than a single token providing trading volume and tx fees for sushi holders.

We did yesterday! Hope it was explained well.

Thanks for the clarification !

Do you have some data/charts with the number of active mask extension users ?

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So our cumulative user estimate is over 100k, weekly active user at 30-40k according to chrome store. Monthly transactional user ~3000. We are privacy focused so we don’t track user down to their address activity.

Mask plugin is so cool.I think you all should use it.

I think you should use it ,mask can bring more nft users on twitter to sushi !

Just got featured on The Defiant as a pioneering case for token swaps!

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MASK has always been a force of change and innovation in the crypto community. With their NFT initiative, i can see lots of synergy with Sushi’s product suite.

A token swap is a natural next step

  1. support

  2. against

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I was at the Mask AMA in sushi discord a month ago, that was pretty impressive product demo. They’ve integrated sushiswap on multiple chains and allow users to trade without leaving Twitter. The product fits the degen community ethos well and is evolving fast. They’ve integrated opensea, snapshot as well and are going to have shoyu too. The live giveaway via Mask extension at the AMA was pretty awesome too. IMHO they could grow really huge.

I think the synergy is there, recommend Sushi community to try it out, and are for the token swap.

Absolutely love what the Mask team is building here. Excited for this initiative.
I was airdropped Mask as an avid SushiSwap governance participant, and i was ‘mask’ pilled from then on into the world of Web3 that Mask has been quietly building, without nary a sound.

How does this help Sushi simps?
→ Integration is seamless, one can trade ticker directly from a tweet on your twitter feed!
Imagine aping in without changing your app.