Proposal to conduct a token swap with MaskDAO

We did yesterday! Hope it was explained well.

Thanks for the clarification !

Do you have some data/charts with the number of active mask extension users ?

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So our cumulative user estimate is over 100k, weekly active user at 30-40k according to chrome store. Monthly transactional user ~3000. We are privacy focused so we don’t track user down to their address activity.

Mask plugin is so cool.I think you all should use it.

I think you should use it ,mask can bring more nft users on twitter to sushi !

Just got featured on The Defiant as a pioneering case for token swaps!

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MASK has always been a force of change and innovation in the crypto community. With their NFT initiative, i can see lots of synergy with Sushi’s product suite.

A token swap is a natural next step

  1. support

  2. against

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I was at the Mask AMA in sushi discord a month ago, that was pretty impressive product demo. They’ve integrated sushiswap on multiple chains and allow users to trade without leaving Twitter. The product fits the degen community ethos well and is evolving fast. They’ve integrated opensea, snapshot as well and are going to have shoyu too. The live giveaway via Mask extension at the AMA was pretty awesome too. IMHO they could grow really huge.

I think the synergy is there, recommend Sushi community to try it out, and are for the token swap.

Absolutely love what the Mask team is building here. Excited for this initiative.
I was airdropped Mask as an avid SushiSwap governance participant, and i was ‘mask’ pilled from then on into the world of Web3 that Mask has been quietly building, without nary a sound.

How does this help Sushi simps?
→ Integration is seamless, one can trade ticker directly from a tweet on your twitter feed!
Imagine aping in without changing your app.

Hey can you link the podcast? - this seems like an awesome resource.

MASK and sushi are not currently the same volume of products, but mask’s products have the potential to become the same level of sushi products.
For these reasons, I think a 90% discount for mask would be more beneficial to both parties.