Proposal to create “Sushiroll “, A dice game that is provably-fair and requires no sign-ups or deposits on Polygon

As you all are aware recently NFTs and NFT based Gaming has been going parabolic in popularity and showcasing another novel way of interacting with and extracting value through blockchains.

So I was browsing through old simple Ethereum casino games to see which gem have been forgotten , and I stumbled upon it is a simple dice game where you can actually decide your risk reward ratio through a simple interface.

The way it works is that you decided a base amount of ETH (Sushi in our case) to “bet”, and you also must define a number from 2 to 99 of which you will win if you roll under that number.

Here is a screenshot of the UI on Etheroll.

No deposits required and the game is fully played in one transaction. All you have to do is to have enough ETH (sushi) in your wallet when initiating the transaction. IT would also be better to Roll this out on Polygon due to lower Transaction costs. The House which will be Sushi, could have a 1% edge as an example just like Etheroll. Proceeds goes to Xsushi hodlers?

Contracts should be easy to Fork ,Furthermore, we can perhaps introduce new simple gamifications, such as POAPs for a leader board, Riskiest plays, or unluckiest plays etc.

Overall it is a wholesome addition to our host of amazing products, as DEFI essentially is a giant money game.


Hi @extropiia, thanks for the proposal, I think this is a very good idea that would add some more utility to the SUSHI token and potentially attract a new kind of users to the ecosystem.

I have been an early supporter of Etheroll and still hold a chunk of DICE, the Etheroll “governance” token. I air-quoted governance because the token actually has zero governance right (but an economic right in the form of profit share distribution every quarter), the project is controlled by a single person who had a brilliant idea, but has been very slow to move following the launch and hasn’t been listening at or leveraging the community at all. This resulted in bet volumes never taking off despite first-mover advantage, and eventually going down to almost 0 since the end of last year on the back of high gas price. As a long-term SUSHI holder, I would be glad to see this project given a new life within the SUSHI ecosystem.

A 1.0% house edge may not seem like a lot, but this is a fair as it gets to players and can be advertised as such (and could also be adjusted via a vote later). Taking dice2win as a proxy (same concept as Etheroll, but privately owned, they invested in marketing to growth their number of players and have been quite successful despite high gas price and charging a 2.0% house edge), their volume in the last 24h was ~90 ETH wagers, at current price this is ~$250k of daily volume, or ~$90m annualised. With 1.0% edge this is almost a $1m for the protocol. With the power and visibility of Sushi behind, I believe “Sushi’roll” could attract higher volumes and become a nice additional stream of income for the protocol/xSUSHI holders.

To maximise volume, I think it would make more sense to deploy on Polygon and/or BSC to start given gas price. What we want with this kind of game is a lot of volume so the statistical edge can effectively play in our favour. A key to that is to allow players from any size to participate.

In term of implementation, I guess it would make sense to develop it as a strategy on top the BentoBox, if the community and the Sushi team deemed it safe enough to enable. Note that, given the nature of the game, there a risk of short-term drawdown, but in the long run/with high enough volume the house always win.


I really like the idea of putting as strategy on bento box ! thanks for your input.

Does the house always win? :slight_smile: :grinning:

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more POAPs you say?

The ever coveted “Degen Roll POAP”


Inevitably with a large enough sample. I have put together this spreadsheet to illustrate which runs 20,000 random rolls every time you refresh. You can copy it if you want to play with the parameters. You will see the house profit is consistently positive.


I think this proposal is really interesting in the sense of how it’s clear this gambling behavior is what is attracting new users in other areas (I would argue a small subset of Opensea’s/other NFT platform users are just this).

it’s clearly economically dominant if you can invest resources to drive growth.

That said, I wouldn’t support this for the time being within Sushi as I feel that it would damage the brand of SUSHI as a project that equates gambling as a similar place of business as where other “more serious” financial transactions should occur.


Thales: Binary options trading powered by Synthetix. here is a binary options market recently launched on … Buying an option is technically gambling with fancy math as a façade. Sushiroll , is super transparent and basically does the same as a simple binary option based on a dice chance . the dice game can be launched as a separate brand just like Thales.

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I would personally not worry about the brand impact, I believe this fits pretty well into the broader gamification of DeFi narrative. Our name/logo is Sushi, we have lunch a derivative of SUSHI token called MEOW, we are fuelled by silly memes… second degree is part of Sushi and the whole crypto space, especially community-driven projects.

I would be interesting to hear the thoughts of some Sushi team members.

Gambling != DeFi and I don’t think we want to push that narrative forward that “gamifying” DeFi means pushing all the way to gambling. It will be an uphill battle for a variety of reasons to gain legitimacy at scale and I worry if we start to conflate those two ideas it’ll only give the opposition more ammo as to why they should more heavily regulate or ban DeFi protocols.


That’s a fair point!

So as one of those legal voices in the Sushi ecosystem, I’d caution against anything that is gaming related. If you want to bring in heavy regulatory scrutiny, gambling is a great way to achieve that.

I’m all for anything that brings games to the platform, but gambling is something I’d recommend against.