Proposal: Weekly Clubhouse Sushi Town Hall


Begin a weekly SushiSwap Town Hall on Clubhouse as a way to better engage with our community, educate, and reach a larger audience


Clubhouse has been trending and has proven itself as a go-to place for thoughtful and insightful commentary on not only Defi but many other topics as well. Core devs like @0xMaki have been active on the platform, engaging with Defi founders and contributors as well as the Suhi community.


Discussions I have heard on Clubhouse have been absolutely amazing. They have covered various topics and have allowed communities to connect at a much deeper level. An example of this is $BADGER. They have recently kicked off their Clubhouse Weekly Town Hall. In their first Town Hall, they had over 200 audience members listening and had some very interesting back and forth. It allowed their team to connect, update, and educate not only their community members who joined but the handful of others in the room who had never even heard of $BADGER. They also gave away $BADGER to the best audience members who asked the ‘best’ questions/


Begin a weekly (possibly bi-weekly) Sushi Clubhouse Town Hall to foster deeper connections within our community while simultaneously educating and growing said community


Moderate the Clubhouse room
Engage and foster community
Educate community
Develop weekly script - can consist of weekly news/action recap, educational topics, AMA’s with important figures/other thought leaders in the DeFi space


I am not looking for compensation for doing this - I just think it would be a super cool way to grow and strengthen our community.
I think it would be cool to work some rewards into these sessions. Like rewarding Sushi to the user with the best question like what Badger does or something like like Defi/Sushi trivia challenge (just some rough incentive ideas)


As I am writing this the Core Team is having an Official AMA on Clubhouse - with currently over 100 audience members in the room there is some insightful back & forth. This only strengthens the thesis that this platform can be a great way to engage with the community


Would you attend weekly town hall?
  • Yes, that sounds awesome!
  • No, I’m not really interested

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I love the idea of a community gathering, but I also feel that using clubhouse limits potential users. Safe to say most community members probably don’t have both IOS & android devices, so anyone who has an android device would be out of luck… Additionally, I’ve started up a community call and been running it since September I’d love to have you on! Meets every week, Monday 9PM UTC


I’m one of those weird people who’s not in the Apple ecosystem… so I wouldn’t be part of this.


Apparently you need an invitation to join Clubhouse. Can someone provide me with an invitation please?

Absolutely, feel free to send me a message on Twitter.