Proposals for economic models and operations关于经济模型和运营的提案

Now, the problem to be solved:

  1. Update the economic model to maintain a balance between output, lock and combustion, with the objective of maintaining deflation in total output.


Modify the number of rewards:


1.2 释放曲线

1.2 Release curve

Within 7 years, the total would be around 530 million


1.3 Add NEW pairs.And requires to lock SUSHI.

1.3 增加新交易对,要求合约发起方必须锁定一定sushi

初始抵押100K sushi,30天平均日交易额达到$50万,可解锁50%,达到 $100万,解锁100%



Add cross-chain functionality, add other main chain trading pairs, this will be a real DEX.

Initial mortgage of 10K SUSHI:

If the 30-day average daily transaction volume reached $500,000, 50% unlocked,

if the 30-day average daily transaction volume reached $1 million, 100% unlocked.

If you keep growing 30 trade pairs per year, wo can lock in 300M sushi.

Add cross-chain functionality, add other main chain trading pairs, this will be a real DEX.

1.4 burning rules

1.4 燃烧机制

Through transaction fees, sushi was automatically bought back in the secondary market,automatically burning.


1.5 Set up gambling Dapp, cycle, each round 50% prize pool directly destroyed, 50% into the next round;

1.5 设立博彩奖池,循环,每一轮50%奖池直接销毁,50%进入下一轮;

1.6 Set up lucky blocks and randomly reward sushi1K for every 10,000 block heights. Every time 10 places.

1.6 设立幸运区块,每1万个区块高度进行一次随机奖励sushi1K,每次10个名额。

  1. Maintained a fixed technical team and maintained product development.


2.1 Build multiple technology development teams, Responsible for: new transaction pair, website function development, cross-chain development

2.1 建立多个技术开发团队(限定3人),负责新交易对,网站功能开发,跨链开发

2.2 Build a special decision-making team(3 members), responsible for operation, development planning and fund management;

2.2 建立专门的决策团队,负责运营、开发计划,资金管理;

2.3 The community only commented on the system’s functionality.

2.3 社区只对开发的功能发表意见。

Excuse me for my poor English. O(∩_∩)O

Like 1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 1.6
1.4 already is happening, right?

2 should be separate proposal

We should think about long term, keep innovating.