Question about Core sushi LP

So on it shows that the staked LP tokens that earn core are UNI-V2. I am confused if that means the core SLP tokens cannot be staked on cvault. Also, if this is the case does that mean we are able to remove liquidity of Core SLP tokens?

They cannot be staked on the cVault indeed so you can remove the liquidity of Core SLP tokens !

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Thank you 0xMaki, that makes sense.

Hello all, I just recently added liquidity to the YPIE/ETH pair. I was granted 18.026 SLP tokens and I have been attempting to stake them. I am using BRAVE browser and MetaMask. I have approved the transaction for staking (did it twice!) and now I am attempting to stake. However, when I go to the Stake Link, it fails. Is this a known bug? Any help is much appreciated.

@haredog , I’m going to remove this post and issue an informal warning since you’ve been cross posting this issue over multiple threads that are not relevant to your question. Happy to speak in the appropriate thread you’ve set up and help you resolve your issue.