Rebranding of Sushi Products [Discussion]

As much as I personally enjoy the fun names. There’s something to be said for offering an intuitive naming convention for products so that users perusing the site can quickly get a sense of what is on offer.

This is correct names really incomprehensible for anyone from a different culture
normal person doesn’t know exactly what it means change names to English is good idea
but the community should think carefully before choosing the new English names and take enough time to choose the best names also an NFT product need to change to English name
Choosing an easy, understandable and popular name is very important in the marketing process names that are ambiguous or associated with a particular culture should be avoided

Think this is a really good idea and should be fast tracked. I do like the culture but we can find other ways to incorporate it.

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There’s something to be said about rearranging the beds instead of rearranging the staff in the palace of pleasure.

You propose to give up identity in favor of generics. Might as well give up sushi name, and establish a “crypto savings rates better than bank but more risky”.

Producing better explanations within the UI or in FAQ would be enough to address the newcomers’ concerns. But I guess changing labels is a cheaper flick with instant results.

I’d rather not completely rebrand into a homogenized set. I think that’s throwing away a piece of what made the Sushi brand unique. The naming conventions keep it in theme to show that pieces can be added to the greater Sushi suite in their own individual modules.

I get it though. I have clearly been told before that the names of products do not explain what they do by some… but they also never actually took the time to research anything. If you Google the phrases BentoBox or Kashi in context of crypto or what they do you will get clear cut results for resources regarding those products generally.

My suggestion to just explain it in the name… And we really should consider adding more tooltips or UI footnotes. On the website just label the tabs with what they explicitly do.

Kashi Lending
MISO Launchpad
Shoyu Marketplace
ect ect

That way nothing really has to be changed or edited retroactively, you can still leverage the unique branding for each product to make them more impressionable, and it becomes a bit more clear for the layman user who just shows up to the Sushi app for the function and are not so concerned with all of that marketing stuff. For sure people who are just showing up from the outside to do a swap for a $hitcoin or something like that - they are just simply looking for the button that says swap, lend, borrow, or launchpad. You don’t need all that extra stuff when they’re already on and using the site anyway.


I love japanese names but it’s true that it’s confusing for new comers, english names are probably better long term.

I hope we keep japanese names for proposals codenames and stuff tho as it’s a part of sushi’s culture.

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Unless if we plan to start aggressively marketing in Japan, probably should change to English. I’ve been around Sushi for a while now and still don’t know what most of it means or does. There are some helpful Youtube videos out there, but no helpful information on the main website at all. I support keeping the artwork and design the same, but English naming would help newcomers a lot.

I still don’t even really understand what Kashi or Onsen are, and when you click “Enter Kashi” on the main website you get a 404 error. Literally no clue what Miso is for.

Hey @Trudahamzik this is an interesting topic.

Who does this seem to benefit most? First time users? Perspective users?

I believe there is merit in adding more simplicity to the protocol but would caution eroding some of the levity that lies within Sushi’s name:

In the past 30 days, there were 9.57k new users.

Included below is retention across the first five months:

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 4.02.21 PM

You can see more dashboards here + a cohort analysis: Sushi New Users - Flipside Crypto

Do we think changing the names will boost these metrics among new users?

As an interested ‘average user’, I think rebranding is a great idea. I know what sushi (the food) is, of course, but not the other Japanese words, and as stated they do not describe the functionality. Nor have I ever used anything but xSushi for staking. I really don’t know what the many other options are are for.

I think this rebranding would make things much more welcoming for new and existing users.

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I’m a no on this one currently. It is entirely against my business experience and ethos to be against this change.

It likely makes common sense to make these changes. Certainly for customer acquisition it makes sense.

I cannot explain my hesitancy. It appears to be a fondness towards the existing brand.

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Natural human response to change.

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Generally, pretty good with change. Immediate recoil on this one for brand fondness. I’m likely to change my position b/c I know it makes sense for customer acquisition.

Ive updated my vote to a mix of Traditional + English. I think the main sushi landing page could have something more basic like “Swap”, “NFT”, “ICO Launchpad”, “Yield”, “Stream”, etc and when you click something like “Yield” it takes you to the bentobox or something. Keeps the traditional product name, its just really updating the main sushi page so people know where to go


If the decision ultimately is to keep the current language, then please consider having some kind of interpretive document prominently linked or displayed for the noobs (like me).

Like you, I had previously changed my position to the mix of traditional + English. On the home page or landing page, we could probably simplify for new users.


About the rebranding: you might find the results of this poll quite interesting.
imo it makes sense to drop the japanese names


Coming to a compromise of a mixture of both seems appropriate but to do away with the original names in their entirety makes me feel like we don’t hold respect for the original creation of this wonderful product. Upgrades are great, though I wouldn’t feel right to whitewash Sushi’s Inception. Sort of feels like we’d be changing beloved character names/roles in fork lore or comic characters in the name of appeasement. Standing out by one’s uniqueness often plays a big part in what makes people great.


Kashi Lending, MISO Launchpad, Onsen Farms sound good and keep the original feel
lets have sushiswap, not just another ordinary dex


I agree that this is a great compromise that helps the intuitiveness of the product suite while retaining the current Sushi brand’s naming vibe.

Sushi is your brand, for better or worse, and is instantly recognizable and visually attractive. Many brands have naming and imagery which does not relate 1:1 with their products … Apple, Amazon … but are iconic. You might overdo it by labelling ‘every’ product with a Japanese avatar (descriptive English names are required to describe services). BUT, what Sushi hasn’t done is to define, express and build its brand from the ground up. Brand should express who you are. E.g. Nike’s ‘swoosh’ and ‘just do it’ defines its active, empowering brand. If your aim is to be the biggest and best AMM, you should ask what brand pillars support this statement: easy to eat, takeaway, cheap, accessible, tasty, exotic? Sushi needs to run a brand exercise with a professional. When you have defined ‘who’ you are, you can then define ‘what’ you say and to ‘whom.’

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